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I notice a lot of people on DA and Flickr seem to take the same photo over and over and over again. Unsure if these people realize it or not, but it can be quiet frustrating and i generally just skip past it.
Whilst i understand, you once may have taken a great photo, its a great photo because its good once, and its on its own. Once you dilute it by producing hundreds of similar photos, it just doesnt stand out again.
One person on my Flickr obsessed with her cat. Lovely cat, lovely photos. After a year of seeing the same 5 photos a day of a cat i just quietly removed her as a friend, drove me insane. Another person kept taking photos of flowers then sunsets, over and over and over, the same over contrasted, over saturated images that just got boring after a while.

This post isn't to moan at all (sorry if it sounds that way) but to encourage others to try other methods of photography and editing. Even if you don't like it much, or it doesn't turn out right. Its what i try to do, which is why I have a fair bit of variable stuff ranging from good, to pretty aweful, and i hope the odd spectacular one perhaps :)

Next year I think i'm going to set a theme for each month, and try getting photos using that theme.

Anyway, today is now Xmas eve, I hope you all have a fantastic Xmas, get some great pressies and camera gear!

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