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Some Photography Fame for me

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2009, 2:46 PM

How cool is this?

One of my photos i set in to made the top 10 weather photos of the year!…

But best of all, NZHerald have picked it up and published it!…

Im really chuffed! :D:D

Changing your ways and Merry Xmas

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 11:43 PM

I notice a lot of people on DA and Flickr seem to take the same photo over and over and over again. Unsure if these people realize it or not, but it can be quiet frustrating and i generally just skip past it.
Whilst i understand, you once may have taken a great photo, its a great photo because its good once, and its on its own. Once you dilute it by producing hundreds of similar photos, it just doesnt stand out again.
One person on my Flickr obsessed with her cat. Lovely cat, lovely photos. After a year of seeing the same 5 photos a day of a cat i just quietly removed her as a friend, drove me insane. Another person kept taking photos of flowers then sunsets, over and over and over, the same over contrasted, over saturated images that just got boring after a while.

This post isn't to moan at all (sorry if it sounds that way) but to encourage others to try other methods of photography and editing. Even if you don't like it much, or it doesn't turn out right. Its what i try to do, which is why I have a fair bit of variable stuff ranging from good, to pretty aweful, and i hope the odd spectacular one perhaps :)

Next year I think i'm going to set a theme for each month, and try getting photos using that theme.

Anyway, today is now Xmas eve, I hope you all have a fantastic Xmas, get some great pressies and camera gear!

Frustration is seeing a lovely photo, uploading it to DA, and seeing it dulled down and look crap due to whatever resizing process they use! :O
Loving that FTP upload! so much less hassle to just leave it running, come back and do the text submission in no time :)

Caught up from being away for a while, i renewed membership again.

I would appreciate comments, hints and tips if you have the time!
I know, like everyone, i wave back and forth between not having time or inspiration and then going great guns!

Atm i've joined the camera club which is great, i get some interesting ideas and inspiration as well. I've been trying my hand with black and white to get a sense of a good photograph, without relying on colour.

A good Photograph looks good in black and white as well as colour, colour just enhances it!

Im already pissed off being back and seeing photos so heavily edited they are actually photo manipulation rather than photography anymore.  As previously stated, if you have to enhance your photos *that* much, and pump up the colour because that's the only good thing in them, then try learning photography!

Busy with surgery etc

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2009, 9:23 PM
Nobody submitted anything for March, and to be fair ive been somewhat very busy.

I will be hopefully donating a kidney to my brother on 20th of May. Possibly Earlier if they get a cancellation (apparently they are pretty sure somebody will cancel).

This means i wont be taking photos or doing much in the way of online stuff other than checking my twitter ( .. feel free to follow me! Let me know who you are!).

I need to drop as much weight as possible before the surgery so the single kidney can take over a lot easier. Also need to eat healthy. This means im on a fairly restricted diet and doing lots of exercise! Considering ive already lost 75-80kg in the past its not too much of a biggie, but i have to be really careful (if i buy biscuits, ill eat em, ergo i cant buy em!).

Anyway, ill be back on and off in the next few weeks checking mail and clearing messages, adding favs etc, but i wont be doing much photo wise.

March is Green!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2009, 6:46 PM
Okay Im gonna have a monthly theme thing going on here for featuring peoples photography.

March Theme is going to be green. So take some photos of green things and then post a link in the comments, If i think yours is awesome, ill feature it. Feel free to submit a few things.
Photos can be anything thats mostly green, or green is a prominent colour in it. So long as the Photo is fairly recent thats fine.

Results posted 1st of April! (or thereabouts) plus new theme for next month :)

Sorry! i was busy! Funeral!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2009, 2:07 AM
My gran died and i had to unexpectedly travel to blenheim for a week. Sorry for not checking everyones images out when i got back.

I did however take a day to just get photos, i missed a friggen spectacular sunrise which painted the entire sky red. My brother called me, i ran out with camera, i could see the sky but there were WAY to many tress (we're talking 3 story house high trees) in the way so i sprinted about 500 mtrs with camera in hand to get it from further away, and it was gone :(

Tomorrow morning is wet so doesnt look good.
Heaps of a wonderful church we had here, also some of vinyards, and a few graves. Man cemetary is totally a chain yanker at times. And there is some fantastic grave stones, as well as some boring but seriously tear jerking ones.

Internet has been down most of the time i was at the camp grounds and its finally started working and im heading home at am in the morning (its 11pm at night now).

Grr! lol :D

Anyway, all is good, i met some old cousins i had lost touch with as well as other people.


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2009, 10:30 PM

Its all been fixed it seems. Unsure what the problem was but its good now :D


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2009, 12:01 AM

Whats wrong with the damned thing! I tried both firefox and safari and no go. wtf am i paying for again? ohhh right the honor of not being able to use anything! :/

Logged more bugs ... waiting on reply

Oh noes!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2009, 4:06 PM
I cant upload new submissions for some reason. Got a bunch of great new pics as well :(

Heres some more great Photos ..

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2009, 1:45 PM
Featuring ...

For the record, if somebody favs my work, i generally give a thanks and then end up looking at their gallery. If i see stuff i like i fav it. If i see HEAPS of stuff i like i devwatch that person.

So heres a bunch of images if checked and liked recently ...

Sunbeams by uae4u   Disappear behind the Bare Tree by Jeshi-chan :thumb113065571: Another trees by vlastas heart kiwi by dkraner i love coffee by dkraner no one is convinced by big-pao Youth by mazzman crayon heart 3 by dkraner  :thumb111158393: reclaim by big-pao Dead Zone in the Sky by justeline img 2573 by vlastas  :thumb91539149: Meet Emily by lizflo . W a t e r f r o n t . by JoeBostonPhotography

Generic weird old man by Osox Angels cry by Osox Eijiface by hiritai :thumb112532334: River Crossing by geolio   Ujung Pensil Warnaku by flysophia Was It a Dream? by Jennelizabeth

I fully encourage you guys to go out and help promote some of the lesser known DA members who have some great art.

VALENTINES! (With Free CSS Template)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2009, 10:36 PM
Okay Heres something cool. i know HTML and CSS fairly intimatly (sucks to do so as well lol)
And since i paid for a DA account i realized you can have CSS themes for them, However there are not very many cool ones around yet.
The ones that are about seem to have content that needs to be put into the actual body of the journal posts which means people cant be bothered doing a new post and just updates the old one. I hate that, so yeah im gonna  make up a few themed ones that are simple, and hopefully cool (bare in mind i fail at design) for people.

Oh yeah, and HAPPY VALENTINES! :)

Valentines Journal CSS
.journalbox {
background: #ff9999 url('') ;
border:solid 4px #ff0000;
.journalbox .journaltop {
.journalbox .journaltop h2 {
text-transform: uppercase;
letter-spacing: 0.2em;
.journalbox .journaltop span {
.journalbox .journaltop img {
.journalbox .journalbottom {
.journalbox .journalbottom .commentslink {
padding: 0px 6px;
border:solid 1px red;
.journalbox .list .a {
.journalbox .list .a {
.journalbox .journaltext {
.journalbox a {
text-transform: uppercase;
.journalbox a:hover {

The under appretiated list ..

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2009, 7:29 PM
My daughter has been learning Photography on my old Fuji camera so Im gonna have to start her a DA account, watch this space for more!

Here we go with some linkages ... I notice there are some people on DA who have mega buttloads of great photos but nobody knows who they are because they dare not suck up. And others get favs instantly no matter if its good or not purely because its 'cool' to fav the work (even though some is heavily edited and not blatently photography).
So heres my ode to a few people who do great photos or are at least friendly helpful and great people.
:iconcrazeeace: - Hes looking for Models and takes great photos
Shades of Pink by CrazeeAce A Glimpse of the Past by CrazeeAce New Frond by CrazeeAce

:icongeolio: - has some fantastic city scapes
Jet Set Tag Lane by geolio When UFO's Land on Water by geolio ALASKA-NDOCKS by geolio GRAND CANYON - CHILL OUT by geolio

:iconwinkywankywoo: - does some really classy nudes and has an awesome sense of humour
:thumb112172431: :thumb111561862:

:iconbutrfly2022005: - posts an aweful lot of photos at times, though some spectacular ones in the collections
YellowStones by butrfly2022005 Evergreen by butrfly2022005 Amplification by butrfly2022005 Voracity by butrfly2022005 Tall by butrfly2022005

:iconsavedchick: - Another great bunch of photos here under appretiated!
B E G I N N I N G by savedchick T H E S P I T  II by savedchick T H E S P I T  I by savedchick

There are more users, but for now im gonna leave it at that.

Rant for the week, seeing a brilliant photo, perfect in every way. Then tacked on underneath, some meaningless poem that doesnt make sense thats somehow written about the photo ... it just ruins it seriously.  When i Fav your photo, its because the photo is good. the poem is still garbage! (ps. this isnt directed in any way at anyone in particular)

And on an EXCELLENT note, i finally paid for a DA sub (purely so i could do this post and do thumbnails in my Journal .. how sad is that)

Feeling lack luster and busy busy and tired tired lately. Trying to train for a half marathon but im really possibly overdoing it. My right foot gives me assholes a tad at the moment which makes it hard.
So far im up to doing 10km 3 times a week.
Photography has been intermittent. Ive been taking a few of the guys at Soccer (work has soccer on weds night) which are cool but not DA post worthy. Got some great stuff of a wedding, but dont have pernission to repost those either lol.

So ill throw you some sunsets! hows that! (the plant ones didnt turn out ... sorry!)
Okay ive seen some fantastic photos and looked up how and what people do.

Ive done HDR but could never get them to look half as good as other peoples even with plenty of practice. So then i saw a breif mention of tone mapping ... hrmmm perhaps this is the key?

I experimented a little, and yes its safe to say, most of those fantastic shots have nothing to do with the HDR. All you need is to mess with the tone mapping.
Im not saying HDR is not good, its great for depth. What I am saying is that people are decieving you saying HDR is what gives it that ethereal 3d rendered  awesomeness that makes them the top posted DA images :)

Ill post a few images to prove my point in the next week with any luck.

ps. This isnt a rant, just explaining things to anyone like me who didnt know this stuff :)
So im prefering Flickr over DA. DA is buggy and slow and there is no API to easily organize or upload bulk images.
Its painstaking waiting to upload a bunch of 3 or more photos, whereas flickr integrated with facebook, my websites, has an API, and upload tools so i can cue a bunch of images, group them, and organize them nicely.

Anyway this is the reason i paid for my flickr account and not my DA. I dont honestly think its worth the $ here.
My only gripe about Flickr is that  i cant change the layout and display of my main page.
Please read this journal and check out my flickr photos (to many to upload on DA). I want opinions :)

Went to the in-laws place overnight and asked if they wanted some photos done so i could practice.
I spent a couple of hours teaching my daughter how to use a camera the night before which was fun but didnt sleep well so was somewhat tired.
Anyway it was raining outside, and their house is a little gloomy except for a sun room which is all made of windows i think.
So i grabbed a double sheet (white) for my backdrop, then grabbed another for the floor and they started dressing up and posing and stuff.
It was a great way to waste a day and i got pics of all the family (except myself lol). Filled up 1 4GB card, then halfway through the next.
Got home and realized that the sheet on the floor had bunched up mega. I learnt my lesson. So anyway i came away with 48 really good shots I was happy with. which im not going to upload here, because there is no automated way to do it.
I would really appretiate people taking a look at them on my flickr account and letting me know what they think.

Im seriously pleased with them! My sister in law was great at doing the poses, though it was difficult getting the guys to pose without looking awkward.

Anyway Link is…
Im struggling mega with my internet. National is fine but most websites are SLOW and International (particularly DA).
Its soo frustrating. Anyway This is the reason im not browsing as much as i can.
I painstakingly reloaded and waited the 5 mins per page load on :iconearthfeeler: to get the 11000 shot all night last night then this morning, and finally got it when i got to work in the morning.
( the :thumb: thing doesnt work - how do you do that in a journal?)
Horay! im so happy.

I joined a pet group :iconpet-photography:  which is my first group and got sidetracked.

Oh and also i found :iconbutrfly2022005: who has some really cool photos :)
I notice that some people add tons of favs on DA purely it seems to get people to look at their work, but i find it amusing that they will +fav all  of my stuff, when in fact i know some of my pics are not all that good (ie some of my older stuff).

If i +fav things, its because i like them. If i watch a person its because i think they are good, in a perfect world everyone will do this. But here we are and im happily taking the +favs from people i know probably dont even much like the stuff i do, purely because they want me to look at their shite lol.
Unfortunately for them its 'thanks' and moving on from me :D

On another note, the kids are at camp for a week, and ive had time to do heaps of awesome stuff. Taken some more photos (ill upload later), watched movies with husband (and went out to dinner), eaten tons of crap food. Even been house hunting!
Found a house we like, now gotta find out if we can afford to buy it. Possibly we cant, and if we can there will be a CRAPLOAD of work to do on it :/