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After The Rain

Medium: Prisma Colored Pencils; Acrylic Highlights
Note: [Based off of the photo "DuoTone Rose" by seeknow] © Aug 2004.

After the rain, the world's found calm,
Serene with a dampened peace,
And covered in drops of heaven's tears.
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so beautiful *-*
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Just breathtaking.
Brynnothy's avatar
beatiful drawing--i love it!
AliceThorns's avatar
by god that is amazing O.O
Photomentation's avatar
The Irony. I just submitted a photograph taken of a rose with water droplets on it titled "After the Rain" The roses look very similar.
IggyAteMySammich's avatar
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I like the colour!!
angellover9's avatar
omg thats cool
fckualsukrs's avatar
Wow! really amazing !! the water is so real!! beautiful!
Lucissa's avatar
I really can't believe this isn't a photo. Brilliant.
macprodukshunz's avatar
So for the acrylic highlights, did you do just for the edges, or does that include the streaks going down the pedals as well? Im working on something similar but with ink line art, and copic markers and acrylic. Not gonna be as good as this though because I am a nOOb at painting, even though min will be in color!
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Wow! Excellent! :)!!!
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you drew this!! its absolutly beautiful!
but its so underviewed, no justice no justice at all, im faving this for sure, it really is beautiful your such a good artist!
neegi's avatar
It is absolutely beautiful!!! <3
:+fav: :D
twilightaddict101's avatar
beautiful, i love it
HannahKane's avatar
omg that's amazing! i have no idea how you can have such patience? i mean, it took a long time, didn't it?
Ngkamyoke's avatar
hellokitty102894's avatar
i love this picture
its so pretty
VampireWolf58's avatar
wow! this is beautiful! i wish i could draw like that... great job =D
hellknite's avatar
thats a beautiful drawing, really nice detail :)
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