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Chloe: Life is Strange

Time is illusion Reverse Bill Cipher 

Btw, my Nathan Prescott cosplay
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Hey, I was wondering if I could borrow this image for an rp icon on a forum?  I'd credit you of course but finding a good fc for Chloe has proven pretty damn difficult so I've turned to the cosplay community.
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UNREAL and awesome!!

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Well damn... Thought it was a screen shot 
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You look perfect! Just like her.
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holy shit, i saw this on google images and thought this is an artwork or something xD
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This is so cool... Can i post this in my insta ?? If yes give me your insta so i can give you credit as well
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So close, well done!
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so cool love chloe
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Most unlikable character ever created.
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If that's your opinion. Then why are you even here to begin with?

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You really look like Chloe.. its even hard to describe... omg.
Epic cosplay... seriously.

If Max could see this picture she would say: Yup, thats my Chloe! x,D
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I picked up Life is Strange Episode 1 today because it was for free on Steam... 45 minutes in and it's already one of my favourite games for sure. After I saw the punk girl (her name is Chloe, apparently?), I just had to look up some wallpapers, and this one is awesome. I might just have my mohawk dyed blue next time (instead of pink). Kudos!
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After all these months I found it! I have this saved as my phone lock screen background! Amazing!
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Yeop, this is about what I'd imagine Chloe to look like if she were real. I love this cosplay, its perfect!
Okay, Chloe doesnt have a chest Tattoo but yea, thats the only difference that I see here - and that was a very captain-obvious-like comment. Sorry about that.

Kudos to the shot!
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This cosplay is so perfect, it looks like you were the model chosen to design the original character.
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You don't happen to have a twitter, do you?
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This is so spot on... It looks more CGI than an actual photo, though. Is this actually real?
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