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Dwarf Fortress Adventures: Cobar Timtaersi



Made in MS Paint during an evening without Photoshop. Cobar is based off of his in-game description. He has ecru eyes and ecru skin...


Every now and then, I like to play Dwarf Fortress for an hour or so and unwind. I've only played Adventure mode so far due to time constraints, but my adventurer (Cobar) has managed to last for quite a long time without dying.

Something interesting to note - as badass as Cobar is (and he's a demigod on legendary quests), his longtime companion Dema is more awesome than him by far. She's an old grandmother, half crippled from countless wounds, she has only one hand, and her only weapon is a shield. She's unstoppable. I've seen her survive arrows to the gut without passing out or getting sick. I'm also drawing her on commission for a magazine cover. Success!


And yes, this actually happened. That combat feed is a screenshot from the game. I couldn't believe it. I love Cobar's face in the last panel.
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So that companion was probably of more use dead than alive