Epilogue: A Dragon Age Fan Fic

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Published: March 10, 2011
The ground was jagged and broken beneath his feet as he walked through the remains of what used to be Vigil's Keep.
Volunteers could be seen lifting stones here and there, still trying to find survivors in the rubble.
He wondered how anyone could have survived such destruction.
Plumes of smoke could be seen in the distance as funeral pyres were being lit.
How could he have left her to this?
It was his fault, he should have joined her. That way he could have protected her.
He was determined to find her and if she had been taken from this world, to give her a hero's burial. It was the least he could do for her.
He remembered the moment he had heard the news.

Zevran sat quietly at his table in the Leaky Inn Tavern, sipping his Antivan brew.
It had been quite the rowdy night with sailors having come back from their fishing expeditions, spending their hard earned gold on women and wine, buying companionship.
It made him think of those nights at camp, about a year ago now, with his beloved Yllwenn and how he missed her. Had it really been so long?
He wondered how much longer she would have to stay at Vigil's Keep rebuilding the Grey Wardens.
Zevran was brought out of his reverie by a young woman, who entered the tavern and hurried over to a man at the table next to his.
She whispered something to him.
Whatever she had said had clearly unnerved the man as his face went ashen.
Curious, Zevran inched closer so that he could better hear what was being said.
"...and the Vigil has fallen. There seems to be no survivors," said the woman.
Zevran's heart sank.
"Excuse me my dear," Zevran interrupted, "I couldn't help overhearing, but did you say that Vigil's Keep has fallen?"
"Yes," the woman replied, "It was overrun by darkspawn and even with their advancements in defences, the wardens couldn't hold. It seems that there were no survivors, but they are still looking."
"What news of the Warden Commander?" Zevran asked.
"There was an attack on Amaranthine as well. She was there and held the town, but she left soon after and has not been heard from since. Some believe she returned to Vigil's Keep to lend aid."
Zevran tried to stay calm.
"Thank you for sharing my dear," was all he could say.
He pretended to return his attention to his drink.
No! Zevran screamed to himself. It couldn't be true!
He thought about it over and over again, but the evidence pointed to the same conclusion each time:
His dearest Yllwenn was either missing or dead.
Zevran made his way up to his room at the inn and packed his things as quickly as he could.
There was only one way he would truly know for sure. He would have to go to Vigil's Keep to see for himself. He had to see it with his own eyes. He had to find her.

Zevran had managed to find a ship leaving for Amaranthine that same night. It took him three days to sail to Amaranthine and another day by horse to Vigil's Keep.
As soon as he had arrived he had asked around regarding the whereabouts of his beloved Yllwenn, but without much luck.
The story here was much the same as he had heard at the inn, the only difference being that one survivor had been found: Seneschal Varel.
He had been badly injured but in good spirits when he was found.
Zevran had managed to ask him for any news before he was taken to Amaranthine to rest and heal. He claimed not to have seen Yllwenn.
The shadows were getting long now as Zevran was sifting through the rubble, looking for any signs of her.
Something caught Zevran's eye by the remains of what looked to be the main keep. The stones were moving.
Zevran started digging furiously.
A smelly, hairy hand burst through, followed by a shock of red hair covered with blood and soot.
"Oghren!" Zevran shouted.
"If I'd left it to you lot, I'd only have gotten out of there in a month! Nothing a dwarf can't handle of course!" announced Oghren.
"You're alive!"
"Of course I am ya sodding elf! Dwarves are born to live under stone! At least I had my trusty hip flask for company."
Oghren proceeded to stroke the flask as if it were a much loved pet.
Zevran noticed Oghren's had many bleeding cuts over body and called over a healer.
"I'm fine!" Oghren protested.
A young woman approached them and blanched when she got near enough to smell the pungent odor that was Oghren.
The combination of blood, his own and darkspawn, whatever it was he had been drinking from his hip flask and the smell of unwashed hairy dwarf was almost too much to bear for the poor woman.
She proceeded to cast healing spells on him and wrap some healing poultices on some of the more serious wounds, ignoring his protests and her churning stomach.
"You should be lying down Ser Dwarf," she explained when she was done, "Those wounds might be healed on the outside, but you still need to rest."
"I said I'm fine!" Oghren grumbled, waving her away.
She left, not needing another excuse to find some clear air elsewhere.
"So what are you doing here anyway?" Oghren asked, turning to Zevran, "I thought you went back to Antiva."
"I did," Zevran replied solemnly, "But when I heard about the Vigil and that Yllwenn has not been heard from, I had to come and find her."
Oghren shrugged, "Last I saw her was before the battle. Say, any chance I can get something to eat? It's been a few days you know!"
"I have some breads and cheeses in my pack over there, you're welcome to help yourself," Zevran offered.
Zevran had stocked up in Amaranthine, anticipating a long search ahead of him.
"Thanks!" Oghren said, moving towards the pack Zevran had indicated.
"Did anyone else make it?" Oghren asked as he began devouring Zevran's food store.
"We only know of one more survivor," Zevran replied, "Senechal Varel was badly injured but survived. He was taken to Amaranthine to recuperate. "
"By the tits of my ancestors! The old goat made it!" Oghren exclaimed, "Last I saw he was surrounded by about a hunnerd darkspawn! Never thought he'd make it out alive."
Something Oghren had said piqued Zevran's interest.
"So Yllwenn never made it back to the Vigil then?" he asked.
"Well I never saw her." Oghren mumbled between bites of bread.
Zevran wasn't sure what to make of this news. Could it be that she never came to Vigil's Keep and never fell in its destruction? Did Oghren not know she was here from the confusion of the battle? Or did she not make it to Vigil's Keep because something had prevented her from ever getting here?
The only thing he knew is that he would keep looking for her. No matter how far his search would take him.
He thought that perhaps he would start at the nearby farms when he was done here to attempt to garner new information regarding her whereabouts.
They sat quietly for a while after that, Zevran thinking about whether he would ever find his Yllwenn and Oghren with his undivided attention on a bottle of wine he had managed to find in Zevran's pack.
"That mage was right you know," Zevran mentioned after a moment, "You should be getting some rest."
"Codswallop!" was the only response he received.
His concern was unnecessary though, as just a few minutes later, the wine bottle was empty and Oghren was passed out on the ground.
The combination of the foul smelling contents of his hip flask, loss of blood and now the wine had finally taken its effect on him.
Zevran pulled a blanket over his smelly friend.
It was getting dark now, but Zevran was not prepared to give up his search just yet.
He was again sifting through the rubble when he heard the first shouts.
"Soldiers approaching from the North!" shouted one of the volunteers.
Zevran climbed up a pile of rubble, trying to get to a better vantage point.
It was difficult to see anything with the wind blowing the last of the smoke from that day's funeral pyres across the fields North of Vigil's Keep.
Then he spotted them; four figures walking towards the Keep.
One was a mage. That was plain enough to see from his robes.
Another was a dwarf, female by the looks of her.
There was also a man with long dark hair and a bow.
And leading the group was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen: a beautiful elf with long dark brown hair.
"The Commander!" shouted the volunteer, "She's returned!"
Zevran was already running towards her.
She sprinted the final distance between them when she saw him and they embraced each other tears streaming down both their faces.
"Oh Zevran, how I've missed you so!" she said, kissing him furiously.
"You're alive," he whispered between those salty, tear streaked kisses; relief clear in his voice as he realized his search was over.
He had found her!
His Beloved.
His Yllwenn.
© 2011 - 2020 Wirls
My long awaited part of an art trade with :iconsoniacarreras:
Sorry it took so long!

I'm not quite 100% happy with this, but considering I haven't done any writing in quite a few years I suppose I can't complain too much.

Anyway, I hope you like it Sonia!

1557 words long.

Dragon Age and related characters belong to Bioware
The lovely Yllwenn belongs to :iconsoniacarreras:
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Eat Your heart out Salvatore...we have a new storyteller to keep us from our rest at night. Let me know when your first book is published...I want it!!! This is the real stuff! Magic ink and all that..
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VideoGamerNerdHobbyist Writer
Awesome, I like it! :)
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Thank you so much! And thanks for the fav! :hug:
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VideoGamerNerdHobbyist Writer
You're very welcome! :)
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
:tighthug: I LOVE it!!!!

It's a bit weird to see such a touching story written by somebody else... I mean, I was reading it and each time I realized it was my Yllwenn's story and it wasn't me telling it was like... Wow! But you know, I'd never been able to do something like that. I just can't put so many words together, and definitely not so beautifully... I even dropped a tear!

Thanks so much!!! :hug: I really don't know what else to say... but definitely... I adore it!!
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Aw, thank you so much! It means a lot to hear you say that!

I wasn't sure if you would like how I changed Oghren's side a little bit to fit the flow of the story, or the fact that it was from Zev's point of view and how he would have felt hearing the news.

I'm so happy you liked it!
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Definitely! I like how you depict Oghren, and I think it fits very well my ending. And Zevran's thoughts were so touching!

My only regret is that it seems to end too soon... but it would always been too short because I loved it and didn't want it to end!
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WOW! This seems to be the most popular thing in my gallery right now!
I never thought people would like it this much!
Maybe when I have some spare time I should do more writing... :plotting:
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Yay, happy to read that! Though I wish people would have commented it more, I'd love to know their opinions about the story :)
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Me too. But hey it's early days still. There may be more comments ahead... :D
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
I also guess people don't comment too much on fanfics... :roll:
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I suppose you're right...
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