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Sandstorm Patrol



I have always wanted to capture a few things i've experienced in Iraq in my paintings. I remember there would be quite a few sandstorms every once in a while and it can get quite thick. Us, patrolling the city streets or doing a mission knocking peoples doors to find weapons cache. It was cool though, experiencing the sandstorms. ^_0.

The last speedy I painted portrayed a soldier with his eyes shut inside of his thick exo suit. This is another painting of that soldier in full form. I will definitely work around with this character and evolve him into more of my paintings.

The climate looks really hot, considering that it's in a desert off somewhere in a strange planet so these suits would react knowing the unbearable temperatures and it'll self adjust the heating/cooling system to a safe temp. As for having the need to do numero uno or 2, I am pretty sure there's an easier way to go do that lol.

On the other hand, I kinda wish I worked on this on a higher res :/ It limited the details I wanted to add on to the background.

The soldiers are obviously running away from the huge alien/monster majig thingy in the background. They're firing hostile encounters, use your imagination :)

PS CS3. Intous3. 6-7 hours. Sandstorm fading took a while to get some areas right, especially the silhouetts. Gah, I need more practice.

(gah, getting my cintiq 12wx soon! Can't wait!)
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My own project has a situation similar to this scene; this will make a great reference for it :3 Too often, people concentrate the heat and look of a desert, and not enough on the hazards like sandstorms. But you captured it well 3