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Steampunk mouse to go with my steampunk computer

This is the mouse I made to go with my steampunk computer. It's based on a Logitec G5 lasermouse which comes with the braided USB-cord. The shape at the front where the buttons sit I copied front the typewriter the rest I thought would nicely complement that shape. Hope you like my work :)
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Nov 14, 2011, 10:25:00 PM
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Prachtig exemplaar! Hoe heb je de vorm van de muis gecreëerd? Aangezien ik ook een muis wil maken bij mijn underwood typewriter computer. ;)
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Dank je! Ik heb de behuizing van de muis met de hand uit een blok MDF gefreesd, daarna veel schuur en plamuur werk gedaan en toe gespoten, dit zijn 3 lagen filler-primer, 4 lagen lak, 2 lagen blanke lak.... Veel werk, wel de moeite....
WoW I want one! - Please contact me @
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Kodak camera there in the back?
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Yep, it's a 1A Pocket Kodak, currently under a nondestructive conversion to digital :)
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Amazing. I'm building a camera from scratch. It has a removable film back that I also plan to make a digital back for. This has made me start to think I should make it steampunk... hm...
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Waaah this is soo cute ^^
You're really amazing... to be able to do that *-*
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It looks slightly more dieselpunk to me, but it's awesome :)
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I guess that's due to the lack of brass and copper, huh?
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It's because, to me, it has the look of something from the early days of plastics, of oil dependency, of diesel. Its lines are so simple, it's so dark.
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hmm, that's a pitty... It was more aiming for it to have more the feel of cast iron like the typwriters frame...
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It's all in the eye of the beholder, I wouldn't worry. Besides, the frame of the mouse does carry that effect, it is the pad on top that is chiefly responsible for the plastic feeling that I get from it. If it had been dark wood, I think that would have carried it into steampunk for me.
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What's is made from? Very cool idea!
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I routed the frame by hand out of a single block of MDF, then a multiple sessions of spray-on filler and sanding to get a smooth finish ready for spray paint.
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I say,where can I get a steampunk computer?
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If all goes well (gathering parts) I might build one to go on Etsy in a few months time... But, I'm not sure if and when...
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Can it have a blu-ray disc drive?.
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If there is a slimline slot-in blu-ray drive available somewhere than it could be fitted yes. The one here, I build for myself, has a slimline slot-in DVD-burner hidden under the keyboard :)
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