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Well, I bring a drawing that I started yesterday and that, by hype, ends today (?)

It turns out that, recently, I had the opportunity to see the work of sakonma I liked the illustration that went up, and as a gossip I went to browse in his gallery. I run into the group that has, in it covers the history of the characters that appeared in the illustration, in addition to many other details. the truth is that I liked the little I could read (my English is bad, the translator helped me)

At the end, I ended up doing a pencil sketch of the main character Shinkami (the blue haired boy) and his best friend Lyzlot (the white haired boy). Although the drawing has big errors the anatomy plz I really liked it and that's why I decided to apply color digitally, to practice a bit and that x'D

I apologize for changing the colors, I tried to make them accurate but ... -cries-
PD: I apologize if you do not understand, English is not my mother tongue ;n;

Characters by :iconsakonma:
Art by :iconwionw:
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A-aaah!!??? I'm--- AM I DREAMING?? Q7Q 

A beautiful fanart of my babies out of the blue!!! I was definitely not expecting it! Such a wonderful drawing oh my goodness!! I'm so happy!!! :iconleeblushplz:
You drew them both really well!! AND THEY ARE SO HAPPY AAH THIS JUST PUTS SUCH A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE THANK YOU!! :iconbrohugplz:

I just--- I just keep staring at it hahaha I'm so speechless! I'm just so happy to receive such a pretty fanart!!! Thank you again so much, I really really appreciate it and I will keep working on my story moremore!!! :iconiloveyouplz: //also your english is very good, don't worry!! ´v`<3