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Okay, this has been under work since beginning of summer, but several things kept me from getting it done.

Here I introduce four main couples for four of my stories.
This is how they would react if I would reveal to them quite in the beginning of the story that they end up together.

Upp left: This is actually the first real art of the characters of a story that I slowly write. To them the news of ending up together is nothing strange so they are the only calm ones.

Down left: The guy in this picture you have seen in several other arts as well. He's the future king Qirâc with his first love. (Qirâc years later with his wife [link] )

Upp right: Despite the fact that I have only resently started publishing The Way of Dreams online I don't consider this to be a spoiler.

Down right: That's Viator from Taint of Exile and... uh... Yeah, spoilerish ^^;

Every character in this piece of art is my property!!
Tools: black pens, watercolors

Taint of Exile: [link]
The Way of Dreams: [link]
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Very nice. The lower-right one is funny!