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Looking to Commission....

Wed Jul 25, 2018, 7:59 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
...for an interesting kid!

2571 | Platypus by Winzer

This is Platypus, aka Facelegs, they have legs on their face and they are really proud of them.
I'm looking to get some art for them! But I understand they are an interesting creature and I don't want to 
make anyone uncomfortable by asking for them to be drawn in stat grids or YHHs! 

So, if you are comfortable drawing The Platypus in all their face leggy glory, please toss me the following!

- Link to your commission journal/prices
- 1/2 examples of your work!

Stat Grids:
If you have an open stat grid and wouldn't mind drawing The Platypus, toss me a link!

My budget is a little limited so I won't be able to buy all the art I want, I'm sure, but feel free to post here whenever and I'll
check back when I get more funds for art too!!

I thank you, and The Platypus aka Dr. Facelegs thanks you also.
Platypus ~ Slow Walk 

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Updates + Fun Time Fun Stuff!

Tue Jun 26, 2018, 9:44 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
HELLO beautiful humans of deviantart! 

June proved to be a hell of a month, so my dearest apologies for my slowness on replies, art, and the like!
HOWEVER the good news (for me) is that I am finally free of my terrible job working for The Bobs! 

I haven't spoken about it much through journals on here (if at all) but for the past year I have been working as a
receptionist at a contracting company for two men named Bob. Long story short, the workplace is chaotic,
unpredictable and has descended into a place taking a great toll on my mental and sometimes physical health.
It was a verbally abusive and harassing work environment. Yesterday my coworker and I finally had enough and 
promptly put in our notice. It's an unfortunate scenario and not how I like to quit a job, but it had to be done in
the interest of self preservation. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul and I'm optimistic about my
current job search so far! 

I will finally be tearing through and catching up on EVERY reply/inbox item that I have not yet gotten to! 
I will also be able to finish up my to-do list fairly quickly and when it is completed commissions will be open again! Whee!
I am excited to have some time to re-focus on art, I really terribly missed taking commissions and working on people's characters. 

If anyone is interested now, I have my wait list open! CLICK HERE
Character(s) Reference Link
Commission Type:
Payment Method

And I'll be in touch with you as soon as the commissions I have are complete! :heart:

Onto some more fun things...what is up with you guys??

1. How are you celebrating pride month? 
2. Any summer vacation plans/something you are looking forward to coming up?
3. Show me a piece of art that you love by someone else!
4. Show me a piece of art that you've done you are proud of/enjoyed working on!

Punk Rarity by Holivi   6145 Kosofe by naumachial So You're Leaving... by Ciy-chan
Burst by Kantarti    THOU UNCLEAN SPIRIT by soulswitch   Stanley by Limecrumble
SA || Clythus || Dance The Night Away by Disastercorn   Open up your eyes by froloki   Torne by Wouv

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Curiosities: Unwatching

Sun May 27, 2018, 6:31 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
I get bored, I think, and a journal appears.

Tonight's theme: What are the reasons you might unwatch an artist  on Deviantart?

My personal ones:
- No longer interested. 
I usually define this as "i have seen their artwork come through my message center
a lot but have no desire to comment or engage due to one factor or another." I rarely
unwatch due to a content shift, unless I am very uninterested in the new content
(for example: if I followed someone for their horse art and they started drawing
inflation porn)

- Spam.
There have been very few occasions that I consciously unwatched someone due
to what I would call "spam".  But if I have to delete the same adoptable or 
sale journal daily, and this is a daily or hourly occurance, I tend to unwatch. 
I understand the struggle of getting your art out there and needing to sell,
but I don't think daily pushing the same product to your watchers (unless you gain
100's of new watchers daily) is doing you any favvors. 

- Deviantart.
90% of the times I've "unwatched" someone, I didn't know it. DA did it.
And then I had to embarrassingly go back and rewatch like a chump.

Please recommend an artist for me to watch, and what you love most about their art!

Art Features: 
coffee crush by inolesco  Monthly Quest - 1800's Flair by Fargonon  IT'S YA BOY by SqdPxl
Merlot by Dead-Sugar  Cyanogaster noctivaga by Helmiruusu  BillDip : Noms by yugiohwolves
But why is the rum gone? by weewight  GF1309 - ASS FlimFlam by Astralseed  In the Sunn by tokenfolly
| COMM | .: P L A Y - W I T H - F I R E :. by Bethie-Bathory  Refsheet for Fade--touched! by feltstickers  Refsheet for Winzer : Horse Lawyer by feltstickers

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EquusBallator Fun Times!

Thu Apr 12, 2018, 9:57 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
HELLO lovely people!!!
For the first time since spring officially started it's actually WARM and SUNNY!!
So to celebrate, since I'm stuck inside and can't enjoy the sunshine, I want to enjoy some pixel harse.

Here is the game, it's really simple:


Favorite Ballator you own
Favorite Ballator of someone else's:
Favorite Ballator mutation:
Did you complete the Egg hunt? How did it make you feel?
What are you most looking forward to right now? (doesn't have to be HARPG related, just want to know what people are excited about!)

Thanks for improving my day by showing me pretty ponies. 
I hope your day is going swell too!
Miguelpurr2 by Winzer

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Commissions Update, and more!

Sun Mar 18, 2018, 9:28 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:

Commission Update;

I am looking to open commissions after I've finished the large YHH batch. Work is going steadily on them,
though a bit slower than I'd like - I might have been a bit ambitious going for so many horses on one canvas.
NO REGRETS, I'm having a great time and so grateful to everyone!

As a heads up, I will be raising prices, so my current pricing will NOT be accurate!
I take significant time and effort on my pieces (yes, even headshots!) and would like my pricing to reflect as such. 

If there is interest, I may host a waiting list. Typically I will only take 1-3 commissions
at at time, based on the type and workload that I have. I don't like to take over 1-2 weeks 
to complete commissions in general (unless the piece called for it, like a full illustration with multiple
characters as an example may take longer) and won't take payment on commissions until I am
sure that I can complete the work within that time frame. 

I'd also like to know if there is anything that people are looking to see from me that is not currently offered!
Keep in mind that I don't do the following:

Chibis/"Pagedolls": I can never find the right style, though may be open to an experimental type!
Pixels: I'm not good at them and I don't believe I could deliver a quality product. 
Humans: Again, I do not draw them enough to be comfortable or feel comfortable with someone paying me for this.
I am considering opening some "experimental anthro" commissions though, as this is something I would like to practice.
Sketches/Lineart: I don't often do these as I prefer to work a piece to completion. I like to be proud of my work, and don't enjoy
working on things that look very unfinished which often leads to me to doing more work than it is worth as the expectation
is for these types of commissions to be cheaper. These types of commissions would be open on an "in-stream exclusive" basis.


And enough of that! Here are some top notch artworks that you all should look at - I don't post nearly enough
journals featuring art as I should, so...go look at all this gorgeous work!! Commission these artists!!
<da:thumb id="736191103"/>              Comm- Winzer by Azhat      Generic Dog by killcodes
CM | With You by Fargonon    5706 | Alraune by Fade--Touched    -= Com: Chilling out =- by Naia-Art
Wanna lie with your bones by kaons    Goes to Show You by FaunaFawn    915 Viride | Level 1 | Home by monteswords
Highlands by nettlebeast    The Infinite Chase by TamberElla    lime by jasfai-arts

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January Encouragement: Resources

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 1:21 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
Stuck in a rut? Want to improve your art and don't know how? Feeling that start-of-the-year blues?

Well hoo boy do I have some resources for you! 
Check out this rad as fuck status for some support and inspiration:

Next get some fuckin hella great advice from this tutorial: 

Next up, here are my favorites folders for tutorials and stock photos I have used and collected over the years, many of which have helped me immensely: 

General advice: Go to streams, reach out to your fellow artists. If there is anything I can help with or advice I can offer personally, I will always do my best to help when I am able. Remember that growth is not a linear process and to use whatever resources are available to you that you are comfortable using. Don't let anyone tell you that you are learning "wrong" or "cheating". On that note also, give credit where credit is due when using your resources. Do not copy other artists art or trace their hard work - you will only end up making their mistakes, and no one likes an art thief.

Go give OwlHive a watch, where the Hive will be 
posting Let's Discuss and General Tips & Advice journals to help us all as a community be the biggest, brightest versions of ourselves. ((Also Horse Court and Equus Curia as our project progresses))

If you have any personal favorite resources, please share them! I'd love to add them to my personal repertoire, share with others, and also include them in a larger compilation journal that I'll be writing up in the near future! 

Please feel free to share experiences, vent, offer opinions or anything else you'd like to see discussed as a community!

Art Features
Ragnarok by nettlebeast Seeya next year, orange. by kenket  Of Easy Wind and Downy Flake by Jennycallie branching out by Volbeatic 
Dancing among the starts by VanialyArt  Okami by Eternity-Zinogre  Raaaah... RAAAAAH! by Galder
Kusuriuri, Mononoke by Nini26  [TWWM] Picking Through Polution by aHorseForEverySeason 
Eitr Trot Icon by FennecFoxAim

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F2U: EB Resources

Tue Jan 9, 2018, 7:28 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:

Arrow left Upload to your SCRAPS
Arrow left Click "Edit page" 
Arrow left Click on the pencil icon on the deviation
Arrow left Copy each to the folder with your Ballators
Arrow left Go to the folder with your Ballators
Arrow left Click "Edit page"
Arrow left Drag deviations in place and click "done"
Final product will look like THIS!

tick Have fun!
tick Share with your friends!
tick Credit if you like, but not required.

x Upload to your main gallery
x Claim credit as your own
x Ask for customs
x Ask how to use these on mobile - I don't use mobile
and only know how to do this from a browser!

All stock images sourced from Unsplash
Template Design by Winzer

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New Years

Wed Jan 3, 2018, 8:51 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
Sitting here thinking about the new year. I'm not a big one for "resolutions", or
believing that we'll all magically be better versions of ourselves because it's a 
different year now according to the Illusion of Time. There are a few things on
my mind that I have as goals for myself, and have for awhile, so I figured this
was a decent enough place to write them down and share with the class. 

Personal Goals: 
Pastel Pink Star Bullet Set aside more time to read. I've gotten through re-reading the first
4 Harry Potters, I'd like to finish up the series and read something 
NEW! (Hello, all the books I have gathering dust on my shelves!)

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Get my record play working. It's been sitting, functionless, for over a year.
I miss listening to my vinyl. Maybe I'll even learn something in the process
of setting it up.

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Write down at least a portion of Eitr, Jorg and Ves's story. 

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Branch out a bit into the RP world. Actually submit a Starborn Alignment
application this year!

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Time management and organizational improvement, overall. 
Keeping on top of things instead of letting them pile up, doing 
little bits with the time I have available and spreading out the projects
I have to work on.

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Take one commission a month.

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Feature more art. Comment on more art. Write up all those community
discussions journals that OwlHive has thought of and post them.

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Watch more new shows and movies rather than just watching the same
comforting favorites over and over (as much as I love doing that...)

So what about you? What are you personal goals? They don't have to be resolutions, but I'm 
sure we all have things that we want to work on about ourselves. Share with me, I'd love to hear them!

Art Features:
10236 - ASS Meteor by Astralseed  RealmWar Level 1: Alas, poor Yorick by AstroPonies  RW | Heaven's Light/Hell Fire by ComplacentFool  Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer. by Cierra-Frost 

Mature Content

Paraphitober - Day 20 - Ophidiophilia by GoldenTar

Highs and Lows by weewight  EBSS: Merry Wolvmas 2017 by kalmanen  .:U N D E R-Y O U R-S P E L L:. | Keilantra Ref by Bethie-Bathory  Kick into Dawn by Kytt3  white as snow by Maddepos
Vine Dragon by AlectorFencer  You were born broken. by r-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e  |RW| Reinforcements by Fade--Touched  Rosa x damascena by CanisAlbus  Bill by Tesurii

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Boucle Unicorn Clear-Out Sale: CLOSED

Sun Dec 17, 2017, 11:03 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
I'm simply not interested in the breed anymore, and figure that these kids can go 
to new homes to get cared for, since they certainly won't be doing anything with me. 

As I have no idea what the market is like or what folks are looking for, everyone is up for 
general offer. Very loose guidelines:

tick  Points Pink Points 
tick  USD PayPal bullet 
tick  Art*
tick EquusBallator slots/horses/items
tick Drakehest slots/horses/items

Do Not Offer:
x Anything Boucle related (slots, horses, etc.) 
I am no longer interested in the breed as a whole
and will have no purpose for anything breed specific!

x  Anything for other HARPG or ARPG breeds.
I am not interested in joining any other breeds.

*Keep in mind that art will be done of my EquusBallator 's, so if you are uncomfortable
or unable to draw this breed please do not offer art payments!
*Art payments should be at least started with a WIP sent to me within a week.

Thanks so much everyone!!

Pardon my lack of organization. I've fallen into such disarray with the group I'll have to
dig up some archived information if these guys sell.

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Tablet Opinions!

Sun Nov 19, 2017, 4:28 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
So, long and short.

My tablet is great. I love it to death. But it's been a bit fucky, and I don't want to wait until it's officially on its deathbed to get a new one.
I've been admiring/longing/pining for a Cintiq for as long as I can remember, and I'm in the position to be able to get one with some financial assistance.

I'm looking for opinions! I want to make it clear - I am only looking into getting a Cintiq. I know there are other brands. I know they are cheaper, and I know they might be of comparable quality. I appreciate the input here - but I am looking into Cintiqs specifically! 

I am really terrible with specs, and what the benefits of each product is. The ones I am looking the most into are:
13" HD


22" HD

There are touch options, but it increases the price signifigantly, and I'm not entirely sure what the benefit would be or if that is an option that I would benefit from personally, so if anyone has experience or feedback to offer, I would be super grateful!

I've never really looked into this expensive of an investment before, but my tablet has served me well for the past 7 years, and before that my little bamboo was a hard worker too. 

Thanks for all of your help!

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Tue Nov 7, 2017, 4:29 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
CONGRATS to all the winners, and thank you SO much for participating!
I look forward to hosting more in the future!

Shamelessly stolen (with permission) from the lovely kaons !
It's daylight savings time and I have the Sads. Too many bad vibes. Putting some positivity back out there. pink heart {big} 


  1. You must comment below with an application! 
  2. One application per slot
  3. One application per person
  4. Winners chosen by RNG
  5. Failure to fill out the application will exclude you from the RNG
  6. Review Breeding Terms - if you have any questions/concerns, please contact me via discord (winzer#6994)


  • ID/Name/Link to horse you want the slot to
  • ID/Name/Link of the horse you want to/are going to breed my horse to
  • Reason you want the slot
  • Character ideas and plot plans for the foal
  • Why do you love EquusBallator ?

Deadline: 11/17/2017 11:59 EST


1 slot per horse; 14 slots total. 

4021 | Jormungandr by Winzer &  3293 | Shoshanna by Winzer
4450 | Don Juan DeMarco by Winzer &  4000 | Vincent by Winzer
2569 | Ragnarok by Winzer& 3421 | Satine by Winzer
1438 | Tangerine by Winzer &  3300 | Khaleesi by Winzer
2193 | Urie by Winzer& 2316 | Labyrinth by Winzer

  2519 | Cecil by Winzer 2494 | Lapras *SOLD* by Winzer
4301 | Piirtaa by Winzer& 4140 | Orvokki by Winzer

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Sun Sep 24, 2017, 4:48 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:

for starters...

A cool September breeze rolled through, marking the end of summer. The swimsuits would have to be packed away for another year, all the pools have been drained and covered, the last beach goers have traded in their trunks for hoodies. Pumpkin Spice reigns supreme across the land, and soon everyone will have Jack-o-Lanterns and costumes. Time marches on. It was a perfect summer, everyone had a lot of fun, and made some new friends along the way! Frank is happy to retire his lifeguard position for the season.

Thank you so, so much to everyone that participated in the contest! This was by far the hardest contet to judge, everyone absolutely did their BEST on their entries and I could't be more proud and pleased that a lot of fun seemed to be had by all participants! Thank you all SO much for making this such a wonderful experience and a fun contest to run, and really bringing not just A game but A+++ game to the table. I can't wait to see more beautiful art from ALL of you, and your lovely babies!


Congrats to....HellishSam !
A stunning entry full of creativity and a unique format that really stands out against Sam's gallery!
 Rare EquusBallator custom import designed by Winzer
 Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco
 First choice of tack prize: click!
 First choice of 4 slots from here!

Congrats to...@littlewillowart !
A very clever and creative take on swimming and ponies in swimsuits! 
life is the bubbles by littlewillow-art
Shop item worth 800  or less
Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco
Second choice of tack prize: click!
Second choice of 4 slots from here!

Congrats to...AriahDLyn !
A very creative take on the casual beach scene with a lot of attention to detail!
Baywatch Entry 1 by AriahDLyn
  Shop item worth 400  or less
  Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco
  Third choice of tack prize: click!
  Third choice of 2 slots from here!

Congrats to...tricryptid
A very detailed entry with a lot of personality!
Get In Loser We're Going Swimming | Baywatch Entry by tricryptid
Remaining slots from here!

 Breeding slots are subject to breeding rules where applicable, handled privately between users.
 If a horse has changed hands and has no new ref or donated slot you have won a slot to is deemed 
unusable for any reason, please contact me and I will attempt to find appropriate compensation.
 Whining, bellyaching, or harassing winners will not be tolerated. Be a good sport! 
 If you have questions or complains please contact me on DISCORDwinzer#6994

Remember. You all get the Golden Brandon and did AMAZING work and should be incredibly proud of yourself - your judges sure as hell are! And don't forget to C R A W B IT UP!! And hopefully we will be back next year for more shenanigans! 

A special thanks to Fade--Touched and kalmanen for being good Harse Judgement companions, and a special thanks to the Pinch Hitters I had to call in to help in the final stages! 

PLEASE don't forget to check out EVERYONE's entries here and give them the love they so dearly deserve!!! 

Coding by SimplySilent

EBs for Offer! CLOSED

Sat Sep 9, 2017, 3:51 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
Acquiring new horses at a rapid rate so it's time to see if I can rehome some of my oldies but goodies!
I am extremely hesitant on some of these kids, so here are some minor rules!

1. I am not keen to sell some of these kids, so please do not be
offended if I do not respond to your offer! There are some I am
more partial to than others. If you do not receive a response, it is not
personal. I'm putting this out here to see if there are homes for
these kiddos that might be better than I am!
2. Minimum offers prices are NOT first come first serve flat rate prices.
They are there to serve as a base price - meaning I will not
take less than the minimum price listed. Please do not offer
if you cannot meet the minimum. 
3. USD/Pink Points OFFERS. NO ART PAYMENTS. I apologize, but 
I have been burned on these too many times to offer them.
4. All slots must remain as is. Any slots to myself (that are unused) can be scrubbed.
5.  Please respond to the appropriate comment thread for offers!
6. A new reference image should be made, however these will still count as 
stats and nothing will be deleted from my gallery!

* * * 

None at the moment! Please check back later.

*Disclaimer: None of my other horses are for sale. Do not offer on them. It's rude! Thank you.*

Coding by SimplySilent

You want some cute as fuck art?

Wed Sep 6, 2017, 8:11 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:


EB Chibis! (Wave 2 is Coming!)

Tubthumping by Fade--Touched Bird Of My Soul by Fade--Touched Betwix and Between by Fade--Touched


Commissions OPEN (Points only SOZZA!)

I'm not judging or anything... by WolfCub1227  BERRIES by WolfCub1227  MIGUEL PLS by WolfCub1227


Chalk Commissions - OPEN

Sharp Pons by Artistic-Pineapple Condo in Manhattan by Artistic-Pineapple Get Schwifty by Artistic-Pineapple

I have dealt with all of these artists and they are all amazing and well worth your $$$! Highly recommended! 
I will be playing with more YHH's after I complete the current batch (having a little bit too much fun for my own good) 
and will very possibly very tenetively be opening up commissions soon also! My to-do list is rapidly shrinking
and I am saving up for a large tablet purchase before mine wets the bet entirely, and what better way to earn funds
for art than with art? So keep a look out if you are interested in art from me! In the meantime, COMMISSION THESE PEOPLE!!

I'll be doing more journals like this in the future, and actively looking for commissions myself! 

Seeking: Commissions!

I hope everyone had a great summer and I promise to be more on top of my inbox soon also! So if you are waiting for 
a reply from me...I'm not ignoring you! Things are very buried right now, but I am catching up slowly but surely. Heart 

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Veneum Stallion: Slot Sale

Sat Aug 12, 2017, 9:15 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
4021 | Jormungandr by Winzer

I know some folks are trying to get their hands on Veneum before it is retired. I can't offer much, but I have this boy.
I am not selling slots to Eitr (please do not ask) 
I would love to also develop some relationships with him as well! I want to get back into RPing, and these two boys are the light of my life. Beware, Jorg is kind of an asshole.

5 Slots Open:
1. 1500:points:/$15.00
2. 1500:points:/$15.00
3. 2000:points:/$20.00
4. 2000:points:/$20.00
5. Offers 

Due to time constraints and a lack of funds, I am not looking too much into art payments at this time. 

Coding by SimplySilent

LF: Commissions!

Thu Aug 3, 2017, 6:55 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
I've been having a really difficult time finding artists who are willing/able to do anthro art of these two boys:
5030 | Barba by Winzer  4800 | Rainbow Spite by Fade--Touched
Specifically I'd love to get each one a reference sheet for their anthro versions so that it may be easier to
get anthro art in the future! If you aren't comfortable with anthro anatomy, but you know an artist
who is an who is open to commissions, please toss a link my way, i'd super appreciate it! 

Alternatively, I'm also looking for commissions of my other EBs! 

I'm open to any types of commissions, though would especially love pixel work or pagedolls!
Feel free to pimp yourself or your friends whose commissions are open, I love looking through artworks!


Link to Commissions Information
General working time frame
A little about yourself! (if you wanna share!)
Link 3 Examples of your work:
Which Character you'd like to do: (optional)


Arrow left DO NOT Comment if you do not have a commissions journal with prices listed. 
Arrow left DO NOT Comment if you are not comfortable drawing EquusBallator s!
Arrow left Paypal ONLY. I do not have any points!

Bitchin artwork features:
Winzer Commission by 8Siren
.: Skinchanger Gone Wrong :. by kalmanen   ||Commission|| by The-Day-of-Shadow   CM | Out of the Blue by Fargonon  

Coding by SimplySilent

Baywatch: *CLOSED*

Sat Jul 22, 2017, 9:54 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:


9/4/2017 CLOSED
Baywatch is officially closed! Thank you all so much for entering, this is going to be super difficult to judge, everyone brought their ABSOLUTE A+ GAME! Stay tuned for an update regarding the winners within the next week or two! 


9/2/2017 REMINDER

8/29/2017 REMINDER
A little under a week to go, get your entries in, kiddos! A rare custom, special tack, and Poecilla is in your future!

8/20/2017 REMINDER

**1st Prize upped to a Rare Custom 8/6/2017**

  Welcome one and all to the world's first EquusBallator Swimsuit Competition! Affectionately named the "Baywatch Show", we are here trying to stave off the Back To School sales and appreciate the warmth and freedom of summer summer summertime! What better way to do that but slap on that swimsuit and head to whatever available body of water you can find? Our horses felt excluded by this tradition and wanted to join in the fun.

So, bring your creativity, a sense of adventure and maybe a few summertime treats and let's get started!

- No NSFW*
- No collaborations.
- No pre-used lineart.
- Credit all stock images used.
- A swimsuit is required to be portrayed - be as creative as you want!
- Environment should be summer themed - beach, pool etc.
- Prizes may be gifted to others but not sold.
- Read all FAQ.
- Harrassment of any other contestants or members will not be tolerated whatsoever. Be a good sport!
- Link to deviation must be provided: HERE!

September 3rd 2017
@ 11:59pm EST


- Rare EquusBallator custom import designed by Winzer
- First choice of Tack prize
- Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco

- Second choice of Tack prize
- Shop item worth 800 or less
- Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco

- Third choice of Tack prize
- Shop item worth 400 or less
- Slot to 4450 Don Juan DeMarco

Tack western by Winzer

An intricate and handcrafted pure leather western saddle, with a matching bitless bridle that can be adjusted to fit any type of Ballator, no matter the hornset or size! Includes Sand Dollars crafted from mother of pearl with all other detailing done in silver.
+1 to Gaits for every fullbody drawing
+2 additional stats to Gaits if full tack set is drawn

Tack blanket by Winzer

A great reminder of summer even when the snow starts to fall, this blanket set is made of woven cotton and stitches made with love. The halter is fully adjustable to accomodate any Ballator, and made of a soft material crafted to mimic the look of rough worn rope.
+1 to Stamina for every fullbody drawing
+1 additional stat to Stamina if full tack set is drawn

Tack english 1 by Winzer

A fun summer English tack set that will draw a lot of attention in the Dressage arena and make sure all eyes are on your Ballator! Rainbow popsicle detailing will make sure that you always have a little bit of summer no matter the season. Handcrafted leather saddle.
+1 to Dressage for every fullbody drawing
+1 additional stats to Dressage if full tack set is drawn
CLAIMED BY littlewillow-art


So, next question: How is this thing going to be judged anyway? Let's explain!
A panel of judges including myself, kalmanen and Fade--Touched will score all the entries in the following cagatorgies on a scale of 1 to 5 and be totalled. The totals provided by all the judges will be averaged and a winner will be chosen based on that final score.

- Effort*
- Creativity
- Adherence to rules and regulations
- Adherence to theme
*Effort will be judged based on a comparison of your entry to your personal gallery, not other entrants

There are also ways to earn up to 5 extra points to your entries!
Here are the things you can do:

- Include a horse owned by another person (does not have to be a Ballator) +1
- Include a short story (400 words or more) where ice cream is mentioned +1
- Include a Sand Dollar +1
- Include the word "Crawb" somewhere in your entry +1
- Include a Quirlicorns for +1


Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Please let me know! Please be sure to read through the FAQ before asking a question that has already been answered, however!
Question thread: CLICK HERE!

* Suggestive poses etc. are okay, but nothing X rated please!
- No entry limit
- No character limit
- Human/Anthro versions accepted as long as they are recognizable as the horse.
- Backgrounds/color/shading etc. not required but please keep in mind this is an effort based competition!
- If stock is not credited, your entry will be disqualified.
- If you are gifting a prize, I require notification.
- Breeding slot prizes are subject to breeding rule requirements. Read Here!
- If you do not own a Ballator, but would like to participate, all of mine are available to use: Click Here!
- Extra Point points are not stackable. The maximum you can earn is +5 per entry if all the extras are depicted. If you include 10 horses in one entry, you do not get +1 per horse featured, but +1 overall for including horses not belonging to you. The only exception would be if you draw a Quirlicorn that does not belong to you, which will fulfill those two categories for +2.
- If you would like to donate a prize please do so under the proper comment thread here. NO ARTWORK PRIZES ACCEPTED. Slot donations limited to 1 horse per user.

- Contest entries go HERE!
- Questions go HERE!
- Prize donations go HERE!
- View all contest entries HERE!

Skype: thewinzer
Discord: winzer#6994

All photography for dividers/decour is free to use and found here

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Baywatch: Contest Entry Gallery

Sat Jul 22, 2017, 9:40 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:

A bit sunburnt by A-little-bit-crazy-k  A Snowy Beach Babe by Dragonwarlordess  Baywatch contest | Summer lovin' by MonsLeonis <da:thumb id="694948833"/>  Summer Fun by DaretoDream0  summer fluffs by littlewillow-art  A Day at the Beach by Midnitella  Queen of the Sea by wardhighlands  Move Aside Ladies! by UnknownRidersStable  Making Friends | Contest Entry by Skylinator  Harse by idle-crow  EB swim suit contest entry 1 by candycorn12345  An Awkwarddddddddddddddd Day at the Beach by pancakebossart101  O NO!!!!! EB swimsuit contest entry #2 by candycorn12345  Get In Loser We're Going Swimming | Baywatch Entry by tricryptid
life is the bubbles by littlewillow-art  BAYWATCH!!!! WATCH OUT by werewolfluva  Baywatch (YOUTUBE LINK IN DESCRIPTION) by HellishSam  Baywatch Entry 1 by AriahDLyn  The Summertime Grinch | baywatch ballators by 3amtea  Baywatch Entry | Have you ever seen... by TSDTR  Walk in the ocean by HellishSam  Vamos a la Playa by halloweendonkey  Baywatch entry! by Murderfesto  Baywatch: Are you stuck there, Son? by EveningStarrStudios  Baywatch Ballator Swimsuit Contest Entry by CandyAardwolf  The Culprit by AnimalArtKingdom

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What?? A Journal???

Wed Jul 19, 2017, 11:02 AM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
Hello there lovely folks! 

I have recently returned from vacation traipsing around Salem and Boston with Fade--Touched, it was amazing and flawless and I'm really sad that I have to go to work tomorrow.

Getting things back together around here! Apologies for delays, but I needed some time to clear my head and finally feel ready to take a deep breath and be a stronger part of the community again. I am sad i don't have the time to dedicate that I used to, but I'm going to give my best efforts to be more involved. I have a tendancy to take things personally and let them affect me strongly, so I am going to try to work on that as a personal goal.

Setting up a swimsuit competition that I hope to have up by the end of the day today!  Still trying to come to a decision if it should be open to several breeds or just EquusBallator, as EBs are what I know best and the prizes are geared towards that breed. 

I am trying desperately to catch up on replies and things owed. If anything is pressing feel free to send me a note or message me on skype/discord (contact info is on my front page) or if it is group related send a note to the EquusBallator group! 

I am thinking of opening up another Community Discussions journal, and if I am brave enough, I might even put some opinions into it (gasp!) 

ANYWAY just a small update journal! Hopefully will be working on art later tonight and will have some cool and exciting things!

Tell me something new that is going on in your life? 

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Show me your Ballators!

Sat Jun 10, 2017, 1:30 PM by Winzer:iconwinzer:
I have lots of ideas and not quite sure what direction to go in. So...I want you to show me one of your favorite or prized Equusballators!

Shh....Secret plans...

Arrow left Link ONE only please! Otherwise it is overwhelming to comb through!
Arrow left Only officially registered adult EquusBallator at this time, please!
Arrow left Feel free to throw in any information you like about personality, BFFs, Mates, preferred hunting style/animal to hunt, whatever! The more information the better :eyes:

Hunting Tracker:

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