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3466 | Eitr



ID: 3466
Phenotype: Pangare chestnut veneum (mane stripe) with hornstripe (carries flaxen)
Genotype: ee aa nf nP nVn nHs
BreedEquusBallator | Mountain Type
Body Type: Friesian x Rocky Mountain
Age: 10
Height: 17hh
Gender: Stallion
Foal Design3466 | Eitr
Breeding Note
Eitr Chubb by Winzer


2986 Veneno Noxium x 2884 Delicata

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 2986
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 2884
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


Eitr is a reclusive creature. His youth passed in a daze, he wandered from his parents without
so much as a tragic backstory. More of a casual sauntering, as if following the heart's desire
without saying a word or a whisper. As he grew he felt like he had poison running in his veins
and he was keenly aware that he was different from the vast majority of creatures that he found.
Eventually he came to rest in the shadow of the Appalachian mountains and his wanderlust heart
felt settled and secure. He taught himself to hunt, and after many a bumbled attempt, became 
quite skilled in the art. After all, it was survival. The surrounding creatures honored him with 
a sort of reserved reverence, as it was difficult to keep track of him and he had a habit of melting
into a passing shadow. Though he has never had human contact, the few locals who brave the 
terrain or pass through have adopted him as an unofficial cryptid with strange rumors that follow
where he goes.

("I hear his footsteps drip with poison") 
(" I hear he whispers to the trees so they bend to his will")
("I've seen him spit venom to kill his prey")
("He can channel lightning strikes with his body!")

And then one day, he wasn't alone.

A mare passed through. 2988 Decus Antiqua. She wore a coat like his and he was hypnotized.
They spent an evening together and she stayed for a time. Everything was warmer for a moment.
And then, suddenly, she was gone. She left him with a gift that would change his life for the rest
of time. 4572 | Vesimeloni, his daughter and light of his life. It all swept him away, and while he
had not particularly thought of himself as the fatherly type (in truth, he rarely thought of himself
at all) he fell into the role quite naturally. Her protection was now the only thing that mattered and
he would die for it if he had to - or fight all the gods at once should it be required of him. He tries
to have as little contact with his half brother 4021 | Jormungandr, who sauntered in one day with
his silver tongue and sharp eyes, but Jorg makes this increasingly difficult. While Eitr tends to see
the good in folks, he can't help being unsettled by his sibling's presence. 

Save for Vesimeloni, the more he meets of his family - or those with coats similar to his with neon 
lightning strikes - the less he wants to know them. He does not want to leave the Mountains he calls
home but the ground is becoming unsettled, changing, and no longer feels safe.

He has a habit of collecting plants and everything around him to blend them into cocktails, trying to
find antidotes, medicines, salves, anything and everything regarding protection and healing. He has
on occasion been referred to as a "Mad Scientist" or a "Medicine Man" though neither particularly
fit him. It's all for Ves.

Star - F2U  bulletNickname(s): The Medicine Man, Poison
Star - F2U  bulletOrientation: Straight
Star - F2U  bulletFavorite Word: Pulchritudinous
Star - F2U  bulletVoice Actor: Chris Hemsworth
Star - F2U  bulletFavorite Song: Big Dark Love - Murder By Death
Star - F2U  bulletFavorite Color: Chartreuse (web) [7FFF00]
decour Eitr single frame by Winzer



Status: Useable Bullet; Green  | Unpaid or Needs Mate Bullet; Red
1. Mine |Bullet; GreenID 2988
2. - 10. CLOSED *DO NOT ASK*

Stat Slots:
11. - 15. CLOSED *DO NOT ASK*

1. ID 4572



• ST: 3466 Eitr 
• RealmWar Tracker 
• Hunting Tracker 
Winzer 2 By Enharmonia-db6jvek by Winzer


Easter Bun • Bigwig PROOF
Phoenix PROOF
Cosmic Crown PROOF
Red-Tail Hawk • PROOF

Eitr by Franset
Reference art by Fargonon • CM | Eitr
Background from Unsplash
**If you would like to use my formatting, please ASK before doing so! I don't think that is asking to much, please respect my time and effort! Please also do not use this character for any sort of design inspiration. Note me directly if you have an issue.
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kookadile's avatar
I was just about to ask about slots to this beauty and I read the slots that says do not ask. 😂😅 one of the prettiest venum I’ve ever seen.
IceStormer's avatar
He is AMAZING!!!! I love the colours and the design is fabulous!! 
Winzer's avatar
Ahhh thank you!! I love him so much ;o;
maaaallliiii's avatar
Oh my lord...

*stares at Mare*


*slowly grabs her and runs away*



*horsie runs back to you*

Winzer's avatar
:giggle: Eitr is actually a stallion! 
But yes yes thank you he is my pride and joy I love him so dearly ;o; hence why I have been stockpiling art of him :heart:
Agaave's avatar
Wow, those horns are amazing! :omg:
And the whole desing - :love:
Winzer's avatar
Ahhh thank you darling!
Agaave's avatar
You're welcome! :heart:
orazai's avatar
So handsome!! ;oooo ; I really really am amazed by your anatomy. ;o; super on point.
Winzer's avatar
Ahhhh omg thank you so much darling!! This is one of my favorite babies not gonna lie, he's gonna get totally spoiled~
orazai's avatar
And so he should. ;oooo; he's simply beaaautiful.
TSDTR's avatar
oh my fbnlx,vcbfbhgq...
I think that this ref sheet is one of my favorite of all of your art
(With Liefeng's ref, which is beyond beauty !)
Winzer's avatar
EhehehEH I really love this one too, thank you darling!
Dalgeor's avatar
Omg this guy is amazing! Look how brave an ferocius he looks :heart:
Winzer's avatar
He so fierce :3
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*waggles eyebrows*
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