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A Pokemorph LUCARIO appears by winvistauser001 A Pokemorph LUCARIO appears :iconwinvistauser001:winvistauser001 3 6 Smurfs in Kisekae: Smurflily by winvistauser001 Smurfs in Kisekae: Smurflily :iconwinvistauser001:winvistauser001 4 2 Pokemon Kisekae: Lynnette Faraday (2018 Update) by winvistauser001
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Pokemon Kisekae: Lynnette Faraday (2018 Update) :iconwinvistauser001:winvistauser001 1 1
Her New Look by winvistauser001
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Her New Look :iconwinvistauser001:winvistauser001 2 1
Wake up, Lynnette! by winvistauser001
Mature content
Wake up, Lynnette! :iconwinvistauser001:winvistauser001 2 1
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Sonic the Hedgehog w/ a Chaos Emerald - My Style by KendraEevee Sonic the Hedgehog w/ a Chaos Emerald - My Style :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 42 2 Kaida Ryuko Expression Sheet by KendraEevee Kaida Ryuko Expression Sheet :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 25 3 Millie the Lopunny by KendraEevee Millie the Lopunny :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 44 4 Kaida Ryuko's Alternate Forms by KendraEevee Kaida Ryuko's Alternate Forms :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 23 1
Cool Cubed - Eto Rangers Version
Eto Rangers In...
Cool Cubed
Parody of the episode of Regular Show
It's a nice summer day in Mugen.  Today, Bakumaru and a few of his friends have decided to do something silly.
Bakumaru/Monk: -enter the convenience store-  Slushies!
Bakumaru: -pays the clerk-
Clerk: -gives Bakumaru a slushie drink-
Bakumaru: -puts the straw in the slushie-
Monk: -holds a camera-  Ready?
Bakumaru: Let's do this!  -starts drinking quickly-
Monk/Hols/Pakaracchi: -chanting-  Brain freeze! Brain freeze!  Brain freeze!
Bakumaru: -groans, makes a funny brain freeze face, gets photographed-
Monk: -drinks the slushie, squeals as he makes a funny brain freeze face, gets photographed-
Hols: -drinks the slushies, gets a funny brain freeze, laughs-  Brain freeze, ushi!  -gets photographed-
Pakaracchi: -laughs-  OK, here I go!  -drinks the slushie, laughs, but doesn't make a good brain freeze face, gets photographed-
Guys: -look at Pakaracchi's photo, they
:iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 2 1
Valentine's Day 2019 - Bakumaru X Cream by KendraEevee Valentine's Day 2019 - Bakumaru X Cream :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 26 2 Kaida Underwater SFW by KendraEevee Kaida Underwater SFW :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 27 0 Kaida Underwater w/ Swimsuit by KendraEevee Kaida Underwater w/ Swimsuit :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 31 2 Kaida Underwater NSFW Nude by KendraEevee
Mature content
Kaida Underwater NSFW Nude :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 22 1
Skymin summer time with shorts by travis-lawson Skymin summer time with shorts :icontravis-lawson:travis-lawson 22 13 Skymin by Mitch-Kun Skymin :iconmitch-kun:Mitch-Kun 58 11 Watching the Night Sky by KendraEevee Watching the Night Sky :iconkendraeevee:KendraEevee 29 2 Plum Pudding by slinkysis3 Plum Pudding :iconslinkysis3:slinkysis3 29 6 Blueberry Muffin by slinkysis3 Blueberry Muffin :iconslinkysis3:slinkysis3 34 4 Cherry Jam by slinkysis3 Cherry Jam :iconslinkysis3:slinkysis3 43 8
Amber Wave: Chap 1
Amber Wave: The Blank Arrival
          It was a sunny spring morning upon the Island of Sodor. The sun slowly but surely rose up from the sea horizon, lightening up the dark blue sky with several shades of warm colors. The sweet scent of flowers and fresh leaves was abundant in the air. The flowers themselves opened up to the bright morning sky.
          The shed doors at Tidmouth were opened, revealing the eight main line engines of Sir Topham Hat; who of which were yawning and opening their eyes, awakening from their good night sleep. Thomas rolled out of his spot in the shed; his fire burning brightly and steam swirled around his funnel. He looked the landscape around him; everything was up and running for another day of work. Just then he heard the sound of a car. Thomas knew that car from anywhere. It belonged to Sir Topham Hat himself. The stout gentleman stepped out of his car a
:iconkd476:KD476 26 12


I have seen various pictures on DeviantArt, but this one seems to be one of those select few that stand out from what I've seen, so muc...

by jotacos

This piece of artwork describes nothing less than an Equestria Girls style scenario, in which she is playing a computer game. Being a m...


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Jacob Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an Autistic Internet Power User with a High School Diploma and a liking for technology, Sonic, RWBY, Eto Rangers, and smooth jazz music, among other things.

Reach me on Twitter @AutisticTechie
Talk to me on Discord! Send a friend request to DigitalSpark92, or join my live server on
Talk to me on Skype! My username is jdavis.psp1

Dell Inspiron 15 (laptop)
4GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB hard disk
Windows 10 preinstalled

Some of my interests and likes (in button form)...



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Selirum Featured By Owner May 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry for too late reply, but thank you so much for the favs~ :3Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 
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Thanks for the watch :dance: - hope you'll enjoy!
winvistauser001 Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know I had your account in my watchlist. Sorry. That was an accidental follow. I removed your name from my watch.
HypnolordX Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for faving
Levelup331 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
(Flare groans as Drench throws him in with Clattertrap and Rudder)

Drench: The VRS have got you now!

Cherry: Thanks Drench!

Lemon: We owe you big time!

Drench: It was nothing! For now, I need to be on my way! (Switches to truck mode and drives off)
Levelup331 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Crystal-Sushi Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thankyou very much for the favourite, I really appreciate it! :D
Levelup331 Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hey! Thought I'd give a sneak peek to something interesting. Here we go.

(Copter flies over the night sky)

Cherry: What do we do?!

You: Calm down guys, I'm sure that chopper will go soon.

Me: I hope you're right...

(Chopper goes)

Apple: Phew! Is it safe to come out now?

You: (Checks the area) We might be able to sneak past that Decepticon undetected.

Blueberry/Cherry/Apple/Me: WHAT?!?!

Strawberry: That's kind of a mad shot Jacob...

You: Trust me Strawberry, I know what I'm doing. Chances are there may be an Autobot around to help us!

(Stinger (In this story, becomes a much cooler car than TF4) idles past Cherry's bus, unaware that Bumblebee is planning to bring him to justice)

Bumblebee: (Makes beeping sounds that translates as: Wait for it... Wait for it... NOW!!!)

Stinger: What the...? (Bumped in the leg by Bee's car mode and hits the ground with a thud)

Sky-Rock (Emolga): YOU IDIOT!!

Decepticon Stinger (As he gets back up): S-s-sorry boss!

Sky-Rock: Just shut up... AND TERMINATE THAT AUTOBOT!!! (Hits Stinger's face)

Stinger: Okay, okay I'm going! (Transforms to car mode and chases Bee)

P.A.W Agent Blue Nose (Scouty): I THINK NOT!!! (Fires an arrow at Stinger's bumper)

Me: Who the heck saved our backsides?

Strawberry: I have no idea...

(Stinger (Randomly switched to bot mode off-screen), comes towards us)

Scouty (I'm not gonna bother with his code name now...): Back off Stinger, my fight's with your evil mistress! (Wields battle mouth guard)

Optimus (After his mouth guard is applied): I'LL TAKE YOU AND LOUD PEDAL ON HEAD TO HEADS!!!

Decepticon Loud Pedal: Fine, bring on Prime!

End of sneak peek!
NeutronAlchemist Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
Many thanks for the fave! :)
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