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[x] = agree + 1 point
[/] = sort of agree + .5 point
[ ]  = disagree + 0 point

Angela  Angela chibi ( testing my new pen ) by PixelatedFairy

[/] Your favorite color is pink.
[X] You're often very shy around people.
[X] You love to read/and or paint.
[X] Taking quiet walks in the park is nice.
[X] You tend to deal with anxiety and often worry over things.
[X] You're insecure.
[X] When you're surrounded around people you trust you tend to open yourself up.
[/] You love bows and frills.
[ ] Tea is amazing.
[X] You often daydream.

total = 8

Lauren  Lauren Chibi by PixelatedFairy

[/] Your favorite color is blue.
[ ] You're very loud and outgoing.
[X] You love video games.
[/] People often misunderstand you.
[ ] You're very blunt and often say things you don't mean.
[X] You often procrastinate.
[ ] You're seen as a tomboy.
[ ] You often cry when no one is looking.
[ ] Your weekends consist of Netflix marathons.
[/] You're hot headed.

total = 3.5

Stephen  Stephen by PixelatedFairy

[ ] Your favorite color is orange.
[ ] You're super comical and are always cracking jokes.
[ ] You love sports and are athletic. 
[X] You're obsessed over cats.
[ ] You have a very optimistic look on life.
[ ] You are super popular at school.
[/] You don't like doing schoolwork. 
[ ] You're very friendly and easy to please.
[X] You take responsibility for things even if it's not necessary.
[ ] You're an extrovert.

total = 2.5

Andrew  Magical Andrew by PixelatedFairy

[ ] Your favorite color is green.
[X] You're an introvert. 
[/] Reading is your favorite pass time.
[X] You find yourself good at cooking/baking.
[X] You're quiet most of the time but can have a temper.
[ ] You have pet fish.
[/] When you have a goal nothing can stop you from completing it.
[X] You love spoiling your friends/loved ones.
[ ] Your favorite subjects are math and science.
[X] You had an upsetting childhood.

total = 6

Eurora   Eurora by PixelatedFairy

[ ] You don't have a favorite color; you love them all!
[X] You're seen as the mother figure of your friend group.
[X] You are very sweet and genuinely care about everyone's well being. 
[ ] You like to cook but aren't very good at it.
[X] You love dressing up.
[ ] You're very optimistic and like to think on the bright side of things.
[X] You love taking walks in nature.
[X] You're trustworthy and people often go to you for advice.
[X] You always try to find the good in people even when they're jerks to you.
[/] You're good at hiding your feelings around others.

total = 6.5

Berthold  Berthold by PixelatedFairy

[ ] Your favorite color is dark blue.
[ ] You're very strong (physically/mentally).
[X] You care about other's well being more than yours.
[ ] You have a bad temper and break easily under stress.
[X] You're very knowledgeable with many things.
[X] You're extremely protective.
[X] Your family is your priority.
[/] It's hard for you to let go of grudges.
[X] You're always having regrets and wishing you could've done things in the past differently.
[X] You really like doughnuts.

total = 6.5

Fifi  Yellow by PixelatedFairy

[ ] Your favorite color is yellow.
[/] You love flowers and know a lot about them.
[ ] You're small but mighty.
[ ] You love to tease people.
[/] Music is one of your passions.
[/] You're often misunderstood.
[X] The tiniest thing can bring you to tears.
[ ] You love springtime.
[X] Deserts/sweets are your favorite foods.
[/] You often do things on whims.

total = 4

Beeto  AT: Beeto by SRealms

[X] Your favorite color is purple.
[X] You tend to get along with everyone.
[X] You love playing video games.
[ ] You have a lot of confidence in yourself.
[X] You're mature for your age.
[ ] You have little to no fears.
[X] You'd be interested in taking a fencing class.
[ ] You can't stand sitting around and you're always outside.
[ ] Math is difficult for you.
[X] You're really good with computers.

total = 6

Claravale  Clara Chibi by SRealms

[ ] Your favorite color is yellow.
[X] You're very open and understanding.
[X] You take your obligations very seriously.
[X] It's hard for you to open up to people and are cautious.
[X] You're self assertive when you need to be.
[X] You love reading and like all different types of genres.
[X] You're mature for your age.
[X] You spend a lot of time alone.
[ ] You're distant from your siblings.
[X] You think things through and don't do things spontaneously. 

total = 8


Angela: 8
Lauren: 3.5
Stephen: 2.5
Andrew: 6
Eurora: 6.5
Berthold: 6.5
Fifi: 4
Beeto: 6 
Claravale: 8

You are most like Angela and Claravale


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