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Angel zone OCT- Mason

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Name: Mason
Meaning: "stoneworker"
Nicknames: NA (Nevara calls him "child" from time to time.)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs

Upon first meeting him, he is usually rather cautious. If you aren’t a threat right off the bat, he’ll chat. He won’t share much about himself though. He tends to reserve his words, however if he finds someone who could potentially help him or interests him, then he’ll be a little more open. However, he doesn’t like being pushed around, either though. Undermining him will result in him being prickly, but will become more persistent that he can handle his situation. He doesn’t trust others easily. However, when around people he knows, he tends to be more relaxedf, acting like a stubborn yet energetic kid, who attempts to be act like he can handle things on his own. He also will express his worries more, and will voice them from time to time. However, he shows he can (mostly) adapt to his problems and circumstances, being prety witty both verbally and physically. However, he does know limits and will result in him trying to talk it out if he is able to. If he feels like, or needs, to use force to to get out of a situation he will fight back. He will not take a life though. If it’s about  how capable he is, Mason will certainly love to prove this to someone.

LIKES: Books/spells, interesting people, solutions, home, spicy foods, independancy 

DISLIKES: Brutes/anoying people, dilemmas, overly sweet food, dependancy, constantly moving, the cold (kinda likes it now but prefers warmth)

Strengths: Close combat, Magic, speed
Flaws: strength, defense, long range (cannot sharp shoot very well)

-Mason is able to handle himself. Mainly using close combat as his primary/common defenses.
- he can also use magic


Mason’s primary magic.  He doesn’t show as much natural talent to that of his other magic type, but he finds it’s easier to cast and is easier to control.

*Can pull water out of the air or take water out of a certain area. (It will float for a moment then drop though if he doesn’t apply air magic.)
*Can also push it in certain directions if its a large enough in quantity (like waves)

*it aint healing magic
*easier to control, more often used, but it takes more out of him than air magic
*can't freeze water

Mason’s secondary magic and arguably considered his more stronger element. However, this type is magic is known to be rather wily and unpredictable.
*He can create large gusts of wind to push back the enemy or lift him/ enemy up.
*He can make the wind into sharp gales (Making them like small blades)
*Tends to be stronger than water magic

*if the winds are too strong, they’ll knock him back as well.
* he can’t fully control this type of magic, calling it “unstable”, so he’ll use it when he feels he needs to.

*Can't use advance spells (large hurricanes and tsunami's appearing outta nowhere aint gonna work)
* will drain his energy and the mark's energy (water will drain his energy quicker, but the effects to the mark is the constant)

A mark on his right arm that is currently up to his shoulder. While it is like a brand, it will slowly vanish every time Mason uses his magic, serving as a type of battery. Since it is the only thing tying him to his home world, he will use magic sparingly (even though it takes half the magic output). If it vanishes completely, he will no longer have any ties to his home and will loose his magic completely. Not much is known about the mark to him though, other than it could be a symbol of his banishment.

There will be a status on the mark that will be updated at the end of each round in order to show how much magic he has left.


Small dagger: Using more magical items are more his preference. While he only has a dagger as a permenant weapon, he can use it just fine. There’s nothing special about it. But since it has the possiblity of originating in his world he can’t get himself to tos it either. Uses it when he absolutely has to.

Mason, unfortunately, remembers only bits and pieces of his past. He remembers he used to study magic and it’s effects on his world. While he remembers what his world looks like, blurred faces and fuzzy images tend to be more prominant than that of his more clearer memories. However, he knows he is unable to go home. He has been banished. Whatever the reason, he hopes to find out why and how to return. For the time being, he has been dimension hopping at a frequent rate, trying to keep away from the trouble constantly appearing. However, the simple drive another world having a loophole on this magical exhile he has found himself in truly facinates him and gives him some form of hope. The same goes for his memories as they may hold the solution to his predicament.


-Mason is an updated character from both a story and a scrapped video game character idea I had.

-Mason doesn't know how he knows his abilities but they are there and knows how to work them very well (so no, "oh gosh how do I do this!?" )

- Mason actually doesn't like warping to different dimensions all that much, he says it gives him a real headache

-Mason is indeed 100% human (he's secretly not a half species)

-people could easily misinterpret Nevara's weapon to be part of his magic, it's not (her changing forms or 

- Mason's personality took 3 days to get down into words properly

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Cool, now he has a parter X3
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Yep ;v;

Hope he works well though ;v;
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I'm sure he will X3
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