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I started this account a year ago, with no clear idea of what being a stock provider entailed or just how much work goes into making and providing stock. This is to say thank you to my fellow stockers for all your hard work and support, answering my questions, promoting newbies like myself and sharing your wonderful resources :love:

Mossy log Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock  Rhine Stock 08 by Malleni-Stock  Rhine Stock 09 by Malleni-Stock  Sardinia Stock 42 by Malleni-Stock  Reptile Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock  Sardinia Stock 21 by Malleni-Stock  Sardinia Stock 25 by Malleni-Stock  Cat Stock 54 by Malleni-Stock

  Sardinia Stock 27 by Malleni-Stock  Texture 57 by Malleni-Stock  Texture 51 by Malleni-Stock  Fennec Stock 02 by Malleni-Stock  Mossy log Stock 05 by Malleni-Stock

Texture Eleanor by CD-STOCK  Moulding 10 PREMIUM by CD-STOCK  Twisted Woods 03 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK  Contaminated 01 by CD-STOCK  Premium Ornament by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK 

Window 06 by CD-STOCK  Track by CD-STOCK    Mossy Tree 01 by CD-STOCK  Golden Seahorse In Blue by CD-STOCK+Somadjinn by CD-STOCK  Dots and structure by YBsilon-Stock  Bronze Rose by YBsilon-Stock  Sadness by YBsilon-Stock  Bulbous Spire Exclusive by YBsilon-Stock  Tree by YBsilon-Stock  Little church by YBsilon-Stock

Spring 2 by YBsilon-Stock  Eggs, Eggs, Easter Eggs III by YBsilon-Stock  <da:thumb id="438984962"/>  <da:thumb id="414778409"/>  <da:thumb id="445538883"/>  <da:thumb id="443294072"/>  <da:thumb id="441874671"/>  <da:thumb id="196103528"/>

Animals 094 raven by Dreamcatcher-stock  Places 481 coastal path by Dreamcatcher-stock  Places 479 coastal path by Dreamcatcher-stock  Objects 093 burial chamber by Dreamcatcher-stock  Nature 257 foggy pond by Dreamcatcher-stock  Objects 039 Cemetery Statue by Dreamcatcher-stock  Objects 099 Standing Stone by Dreamcatcher-stock  lights I by mimose-stock 

me and my car II by mimose-stock  empty room by mimose-stock  Zauberwald XIV by mimose-stock  leave me by mimose-stock  Zauberwald XIII by mimose-stock  Feather Texture by FrankAndCarySTOCK  Easter Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK  Holly Texture by FrankAndCarySTOCK

Snake by FrankAndCarySTOCK  Jackdaw2 by FrankAndCarySTOCK  Lightning Brushes by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Galaxy Background Freebie by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Magic Spheres 2 by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Paper Textures by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Log Cabin Farm House Stock 3 by CelticStrm-Stock   <da:thumb id="426923234"/>

<da:thumb id="440331954"/>  <da:thumb id="366228166"/>  <da:thumb id="337207031"/>  <da:thumb id="440332797"/>  <da:thumb id="440332272"/>  Pinky Blue Sky.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  <da:thumb id="440481387"/>  <da:thumb id="437928308"/> 

Secret Garden Entrance.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  <da:thumb id="444048347"/>  Plumstone 01.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Rock Texture.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  <da:thumb id="433689591"/>  <da:thumb id="438695444"/>  StockHeaven ~ Nature 4 by MiriStock  Alas Negras Extendida Y Doblada by DenysDigitalArtwork 

<da:thumb id="445666586"/>  <da:thumb id="444044003"/>  <da:thumb id="445662762"/>  <da:thumb id="445663975"/>  Woods moss II Forest premade 3 by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight  Gothic pendants stock by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight  Forest spot premade v3 by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight     

Beach Stock 7 by Cassy-Blue   Cypress Strand Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue  Anhinga Stock by Cassy-Blue    Infrared Stock - 2013 - 86 by ElaineSeleneStock  Infrared Stock - 2013 - 162 by ElaineSeleneStock  Coconut - 20 by ElaineSeleneStock  Nate - 263 by ElaineSeleneStock  Lormet-Sky-0330sml by Lormet-Images 

Lormet-Tiles-Mosaics-0461 by Lormet-Images  Lormet-Architecture-0035sml by Lormet-Images  Lormet-Architecture-0383-2sm by Lormet-Images  Lormet-Costumes-0012sml by Lormet-Images  Dead Branches Stock by jojo22  Water Nest Stock by jojo22  Stash 32 by jojo22  Walk 3 by jojo22  Running White Horse Frontal Stock by jojo22 

<da:thumb id="445284967"/>  Stash 41 by jojo22  Oceans of Sky 15 by Elandria  Lazy Afternoon 4 by Elandria  Darklight by Elandria  Natures Lore 06 by Elandria  Glorious 21 RESTRICTED by Elandria  Create a parchment roll - Manipulation tutorial by peroline  TUTORIAL : Written in the snow effect by peroline   Otter stock 2 by PirateLotus-Stock  Squirrel 2 by PirateLotus-Stock 

Loch Lomond 2 by PirateLotus-Stock  Captain Everette Shading Eyes 2 by PirateLotus-Stock  Dragster1 by Colourize-Stock  Welsh Mare 4 by Colourize-Stock  Halberstadt  Dom 6 scal. by Capricornus60  IMG 6426 7 8scal. by Capricornus60  Krypta 3 HDR2 by Capricornus60  Rocky Grotto Opening by DamselStock

Virgin Mary Atop Marble Stairs by DamselStock  Gold and Silver Bars and Doubloons 2 by DamselStock  Pirate Chest 1 by DamselStock  RockStocks300S03226 by RockStocks  RockStocks300S03221 by RockStocks  RockStocks300S03223 by RockStocks  RockStocks300S02896 by RockStocks  Jungle Falls 6 by fuguestock

Photo by zZToraZz
© 2014 - 2022 wintersmagicstock
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EveLivesey's avatar
It's hard work isn't it hehe? Thank you so much for the feature - big :hug:
AledJonesDigitalArt's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature dear, i really appreciate it :huggle:
StarsColdNight's avatar

:wave: thank you very much! :hug:

Lormet-Images's avatar
Wonderful feature! Thanks so much for including a few of my stock photos in your lovely feature, I appreciate it very much! :)
Dreamcatcher-stock's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :thanks:
Congratulations on your anniversary, it's so great to have you here with us :hug:
I love watching your gallery, you're a great inspiration :heart:
FrankAndCarySTOCK's avatar
Thanks very much for the Feature!!:hug:
CD-STOCK's avatar
Thanks so much for including my images in your stunning feature, dear :heart:
Making stock is a big fun but also a really hard work!
You rock!!
Happy Anniversary :hug:
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Wicked - thanks for including my images :D
mimose-stock's avatar
peroline's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing my tutorials ! ...and for sharing such an interresting selection of stock images ! Very inspiring ! :eager:
MiriStock's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! :hug:
DamselStock's avatar
Stocking can be extremely overwhelming lol Congrats on making it to one year! Thanks for the feature!
DenysDigitalArtwork's avatar
thank you so much for the feature my friend :hug:and  thanks for sharing your stock this year
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
:eyepopping: Thanks so much for this wonderful feature and congrats to your anniversary :hug: Great that you are here with us :LongStemRose: 
RockStocks's avatar
Thanks for the feature, you are always very welcome for any help and advice :hug:
Elandria's avatar
:hug: Thanks for the feature!!
Cassy-Blue's avatar
thanks for the feature.
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