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These are just a few of the wonderful pieces of art I have come across while browsing the site, some you may know, others might be new to you, if you like them please let the artists know by commenting,faving and visiting their galleries.

A huge thank you to the exceedingly generous and talented :iconemiliapaw5: for allowing her exquisite art Lady in the pond by EmiliaPaw5 to be made into a journal skin by the equally talented :iconcaybeach: Please visit their galleries and show some DA love.
Lastly, if your would like your work featured in the next journal entry send me three thumbs of your work. Enjoy:


Mature Content

Statue At Dawn by spmphotography
Faith - Wedding Pose by spmphotography Naughty Fairies by spmphotography
:icondarkgirlshope: Falling DownTurn this heart,
Into stone.
Because this pain,
It never goes.
My Love,
You hurt me so much,
And it hurts,
to watch you walk away.
If I could,
I would will this pain away.
Make my core,
Ice cold,
Because you're staining
Staining my soul.
My tears,
They wont stop flowing.
My eyes,
They keep burning.
Move on,
Move on,
I cant move on.
Your world keeps turning,
As mine falls down.
:iconjenniferhealy: My Vulnerability by JenniferHealy :iconjoy-freak::thumb124248394:
La Loba by Ithilyen Ostara Wake up by Ithilyen What's news, brother? by Ithilyen
:iconmiss-sunshine37::thumb160013375: :iconsha-shajewelry: Inshore Charm Bracelet by sha-shajewelry :iconseancoetzer: Highgate Cemetery - Last Exit by seancoetzer           
Mosley St by Liam-diamond The Malteese by Liam-diamond The corridors of power by Liam-diamond
:iconkeelydolan: Death by KeelyDolan :icondavesbit: raven by davesbit :iconriva: Metal Seahorse by Riva                
:iconlullsstar: Rolling Dice II by Lullsstar :iconvampyre1: The Last Dream... Alive.. by vampyre1 :iconmaroc68: Sereno by MaRoC68
:iconc0nfuzzle:    Vampires in Wonderland by C0NFUZZLE  :iconkuroi-kisin: Me by Kuroi-kisin chess by Kuroi-kisin
:iconsusanschroderarts: Golden Wood Dryad by susanschroderarts :iconimustbedead: Self Defense by IMustBeDead :iconlabecula: Angels Dance by Labecula
:thumb106391795: The Power Of Magic by TitusBoy25 La Soledad by TitusBoy25
:iconmortal-cyn: The Devil You Know... by Mortal-Cyn   Death is Always Listening by Mortal-Cyn :iconlunarshore: Seawinds by LunarShore
:iconphilippel:   RAIN by philippeL :iconviolscraper: Trees where you sit by violscraper :icondameodessa: 'I miss you every day' by DameOdessa
:iconxmegalopolisx: Stonehenge by xMEGALOPOLISx :iconlostknightkg: Silver gardens by lostknightkg :iconnaagromfrancobvitch: :thumb159020955:
:iconcountessbloody: Behind the door by CountessBloody :iconariel87::thumb158201089: :iconcaliburnsword: Queen Of The Night by CaliburnSword :iconsaperlipop: The Evolution of Wine Tasting by saperlipop :iconalexanderjansson::thumb156983670:

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philippeL's avatar
Very beautiful journal, dear, and thanks again for the feature. What caught my eye just there is the beauty of the skin and the selection :wow:
wintersmagic's avatar
My pleasure Philippe, isn't it a wonderful skin, :iconemiliapaw5: is such a talented artist, the rest of the feature is eye catching thanks to the incredible art of those featured :heart:
philippeL's avatar
You made me discover her work :eyes:
wintersmagic's avatar
Oh I'm so pleased :tighthug:
LunarShore's avatar
What a wonderful collection! And I am so honored for being included in it!
Thank you so much! :thanks:
wintersmagic's avatar
My pleasure, your art is exquisite :love:
Momotte2's avatar
Beautiful feature ! :love:
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you my friend :hug:
DameOdessa's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!
wintersmagic's avatar
You are very welcome, I adore your art :love:
TitusBoy25's avatar
Awesome features,thank you so much for including my works,i appreciate it!
wintersmagic's avatar
My pleasure, you have an incredible gallery, it was so hard to choose :love:
NaagromFrancobvitch's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature my dear :)
wintersmagic's avatar
My pleasure, your work is incredible, very beautiful :love:
EmiliaPaw5's avatar
I'm very honored, thank you very much :) I'm really glad people are enjoying this Journal skin, it warms my heart at the thought of it all :hug:

You are very kind, thank you for the watch and favorites too
wintersmagic's avatar
You are most welcome, your art work is astounding, very beautiful and the pleasure is all mine :love:
DarkGirlsHope's avatar
Thank you for featuring me! You're awesome! I love for it! And I love your taste in art. Its very elegant.
But I really think you overrate my work.... It doesn't belong with these exquisite artists.
wintersmagic's avatar
You DO belong here,please don't doubt yourself, all my favourites are chosen in the same way, how they engage me, what reaction they provoke, if I don't feel anything when looking at or reading a work of art I don't fave it, simple as that. :love:
DarkGirlsHope's avatar
I meant i love you for it (darn keyboard). And thank you soooo much :tighthug:
wintersmagic's avatar
You are very welcome :glomp:
Ariel87's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww: :rose:
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