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Ceridwen, is the Welsh harvest and sow-goddess, keeper of the cauldron of inspiration and goddess of transformation. Her cauldron swirls with the knowledge of all that was and is and shall be. Shape - shifting she persues Gwion who accidently spills three drops of her magical elixir and tastes it. They chase in many forms across land, through water and sky until finally he becomes a grain of wheat and she becomes a chicken - he is consumed. In her deep sacred cauldron he is transformed reborn into Taliesin .
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I apologize for being repetitive, but this is beautiful. While it does have the kitchen sink quality you mention below, it also has an holistic unity that I don't see often (not unlike my little brother who first had one tattoo, six tattoos, a dozen tattoos, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty tattoos and then one day he walked out of the tattoo parlor with only one tattoo again).

Ceridwen is a lovely and important goddess who does not receive the recognition she deserves (or do I just think that because I'm an American?). In general, the Welsh mythos seems to be underrepresented but for that of which that's incorporated into the Arthurian cycle, but that material is the Matter of Britain rather the the folklore of Wales.

Thank you for this fabulous work of art.
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Thank you so much for the thoughtful and erudite comments. I agree, I think the Welsh mythos is less well known outside of the UK and therefore less represented in art. I learnt quite a bit from making this and have often toyed with the idea of re making it from scratch, but I think it captures the essence of the goddess and that is why I have left it in my gallery.
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This is beautiful! I've always liked Ceridwen. :D
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I think thats a really interesting take on her, I always feel like she has a more Crone feel to her.
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you for commenting. I portrayed her in her aspect as the crone in my death tarot card, but here I saw her as the mother of Taliesin
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soooo very wonderful art work my dear best freind :rose: Eleanor :rose: :hug:
i like it so very much :aww: :rose: :heart: :dalove:
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you so much sweetie :glomp:
asmaa-rabiaa's avatar
You're very welcome my dear best & wonderful freind :rose: Eleanor :rose: :heart: :hug: :dalove:
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Lovely idea of Ceridwen ... l have enjoyed the Celtic lore! Jan
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you, I'm working on another version of Ceridwen at the moment in her usual form of Crone :heart:
AprilLight's avatar
So beatiful work :sun:
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
miss-sunshine37's avatar
This is a lovely piece of work, and looks so magical. I've not heard about the story of Ceridwen before, so it was very interesting to read, thank you :heart:
wintersmagic's avatar
Thank you, I enjoyed making this, she's one of my favourite Goddesses, it's also one of my kitchen sink ones- everything is in it bar the sink:D
miss-sunshine37's avatar
you are most welcome it's lovely :)
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Lovely picture sweetie and interesting info!!
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Thanks Jacquie, hope all is well with you :heart:
Voodoomamma's avatar
Most welcome Eleanor!!
We are OK here thank you kiddo!!
wintersmagic's avatar
That's good to hear :love:
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