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L change the world

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L changed our world^_^
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And yes, he did <3
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Another beautiful drawing! ^^
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i saw the movie tday and i loved it!
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Saw the movie yesterday. Loved it.
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Yeah, that's true, L changed our world! ^_______^ That's really, really fantastic, you're so good at drawing a difficult character like our L... I love the soft tone and that faint smile!
My compliments, as usual! :love:
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Awsome, when dose this L movie come out anyway?
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I really like how you adapted the movie poster as a drawing! ^^
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Ho shit that's so right XD
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Is that by any chance based of the new L movie that's comming? ^^U
It looks reallly nice! Very realistic! Love how you did the lips! The green looks very nice in the hair, and those dirty-ish thingies give a very nice finishing touch! =D
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Sorry, but... New L movie..? o.0
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:drool: Thankyou for showing me! *3*
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this is awesome! :heart:

it looks like a rather old photograph sort of effect.

the colouring style is very mysterious and soft. nice on the whole. ;DDDDD

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I always love old photograph,因为陈旧,看上去比较有绘画的味道……sorry我不知道英文怎样表达得好= =;;
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haha your lingo is like a mixture of chinese and english. ;DD

haha. yup. the feeling is definately achieved. (:
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Yeah!! L change everything yay!! :heart:
it's awesome dear!! >w<
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:hug:L change everything:D
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