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Unspoiled by forthright c01

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Disclaimer: This image was created through photoshop. I do not claim any rights to any original images used.

Fanart: "Unspoiled" by forthright @
Link: [link]
Category: Inuyasha
Characters: Sesshoumaru

Inspiration: Chapter 01
"....Yes, he's definitely a demon. Kagome could see the neat points of his ears peeking out from beneath the shimmering silver hair that barely brushed slender shoulders. The child was dressed in a fine kimono, white with a pattern of blue flowers, and his indigo hakama were tucked into small, black boots. He's older than Shippo, judging by his height."

Thoughts: After starting and nearly completing the piece for chapter 32 of "Unspoiled," I grew a bit frustrated with it and started working on this. I started the one for c32 first, but finished this for c01 before c32. It was more fun:P I took some liberties and left Sesshoumaru's hair a bit longer than forthright described and added his tail, though forthright gave no mention of one. Chapter 01 is one of my absolute favorite chapters in "Unspoiled"<3
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HitoriLoveNejiHinaHobbyist General Artist
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xXAllieBomboziXxHobbyist General Artist
haha aweh! this is so cute! I love it! You did a good job!
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SinLei General Artist
The cuteness here is completely unacceptable.
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looks like you went over a picture of shippo.
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He looks like Shippo disguised as Sesshomaru. Especially with that expression and the bushy tail.
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Sessy looks adorable!
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he looks a lot like a Sessy version of cute
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I'm glad you're having fun! ::twinkle::

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