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Unspoiled by Forthright c32

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Disclaimer: This image was created through photoshop. I do not claim any rights to any original images used.

Fanart: "Unspoiled" by forthright @
Link: [link]
Category: Inuyasha
Characters: Kagome, Ah-Un

Inspiration: Chapter 32
"...."You remembered me! Or... you will remember me," she gasped in awe. Tears spilled down her cheeks, and Un meeped before pushing his blunt nose against her face. She flung her arms around them and clung, pouring out all the desperate affection that had been building up in her soul. "Thank you," she whispered..."

Thoughts: I absolutely love this fanfic!! I've been sitting on quite a few sketches for this work, but never got around to really finishing, or even starting, any of them. Chapter 32 just came out the past week or so, and I finally managed to complete something:D This chapter, like all the previous, brought tears to my eyes and forthright is my hero for writing "Unspoiled"!
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I love that! :-D That image is actually one of my favorite's from the series, and I think the scene you paired it with is absolutely gorgeous! And that moment of affection between Kagome and Ah-Un was gorgeous!
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wow! what a great photoshop mage! you did great! I love it!
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Awwww, it's a little Un!
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I love the expression on Kagomes face
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I'm so glad you're enjoying the story, m'dear! Thank you for the clever manip!