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T I Double G R spells Kagome

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Disclaimer: This is a semi-manipulated image. I do not claim any rights to original works used or referenced.

Fanart: "Lord Shomamoo" by Danyealle @
Link: [link]
Summary: "Kagome has been cursed and it puts Sesshomaru in a very odd role in her life."
Category: Inuyasha
Characters: Kagome

Notes: I absolutely adore little Kagome:P It helps that Tigger's my favorite Pooh character as well. The title is from Danyealle-sama's titled one-shot that is incorporated into this multi-chapter piece. I was trying to go for a playful "RAWR," but I'm not too sure how well I did it.
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i cant find the story now
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I'm not familiar with the fandom of Inuyasha, but that is hilarious! And I think you got playful "RAWR" just fine :D
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MeggieGalHobbyist Artist
hhaha I love it.
I can basically see a thought bubble: "T-I-double G-R dammit, I'm BOUNCING you!"

She looks EXACTLY like Kagome, but five. It's perfect, I swear, perfect!
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its not ther no more YYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY omg i love the story y it not ther???????????
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I haven't gotten to chapter fourteen yet, but I can't wait! I love the Tigger suit, and I think you did a wonderful job! You did an excellent job with making Kagome look younger, but still look like herself, so it's still obvious that it's her. It's so cute, especially with that short hair. Very cool!
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By the way, apparently "Tigger" is not a word as defined by my online dictionary. Silly internet! ;p
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I loved it! That looks wonderful and a great depiction of her from the story! Thank you

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