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Disclaimer: I do not own the original image from "Prince of Tennis" Volume 6

A bit of self-promotion for my PoT fanfic on

GENIUS: [link]
"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." As a girl fighting against numerous obstacles, Ryoma will show Seigaku just how Edison defines tennis.

I basically worked right off the original image. I wanted to keep the rough black/white feel so there is no color and I spent some time on the linework to make it feel like it came from the original scan. I thought the font suited the image well.

Genius is a fem!Ryo fanfic, so obviously Ryoma is in a dress here. At first, I made her wear a really sexy slinky black dress with a plunging neckline, with the rose in her hair. I loved the way the original picture had Ryoma looking down with the neck arched!

Then I remembered Ryoma's supposed to be twelve><;; Yeah, people tend to look older than they're supposed to in mangas sometimes. That and I realized when I was doing the plunging neckline that my Ryoma didn't have much in the way of breasts just yet:/ because she's twelve. So, I went for a cuter look more suitable for her age and type. The rose became a choker and I put her in a strapless dress with ruffled/overlapping lace on top to give the impression of a growing bosom^^;;

If you have time and are interested in Genius, please visit my fanfic and give it a chance! I haven't thought much about developing romance yet, but there's definitely plenty of drama!
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I'm a huge fan of your writing, and I think this is awesome. Although Ryoma might have looked better with longer hair, like HiddenSunlight mentioned, since she kinda looks exactly like the Ryoma from the original story line except for the dress... >< But yeah, it's good! ^^ I'm glad your story was updated~
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Thank you very much! I love my fans:DD You're my support! I'm sorry for not updating as often as I used to, but please know I constantly think of how to best continue Genius and meet everyone's expectations! Hopefully, I'll be able to update sometime soon!

In the meanwhile, I've posted a new piece titled "Genius 000" for the prologue where Ryoma has longer hair. I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!
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HiddenSunnyHobbyist General Artist
:D That's so pretty...! xD I wonder who she's going to be with...? xD I bet she'd look even more cute- er, I mean, awesome with longer hair...
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Thank you!^^ I wonder too, haha. And as a late christmas present, I've updated Genius 000 where Ryoma has longer hair:) Happy holidays!
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HiddenSunnyHobbyist General Artist
:D YAY!!!