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Camies, anyone?



EDIT PLEASE make sure you have a brief background history of your pokemons you want me to cameo!!!!!! This is important and I notice that alot of people don't and its a hassle to check and comment back to ask for one. If you have one already in your app, perfect! if you dont it's okay, just add a brief one in your comment c:  If you don't, I may just not cameo you and move on to someone who has a background history of their pokemon. 


I know. I'm so artistic with this ^^; It's because I can't draw Llanto-desesperado kaomoji set 2 14/67 

I need cameos for my errands and such, so i could be more interactive with the pmdu community instead of having everything only revolving around my characters. Most likely they will be in the background but occasionally my pokemons could interact with some.

ANYONE with a pmdu team can ask for one! I accept more than one team per deviant. 

I will mention you in the description box if I use your pokemon(s) and I CHOOSE who I'm using so they will be RANDOM cameos at random times. Please don't become upset if I don't use your pokemon c: Most likely I will get to them or they don't fit in the setting/plot.

And also, depending on how many people ask for a cameo, you may be cameo'd more than once I am a dummy! 

So here are 2 things you need to do if you want a Cameo ;3  

:bulletorange: Please link me your APP!! I accept both written and drawn

:bulletorange: If you don't have this on your app already, please add in the pokemon's personality and a brief background history (So I don't wrongly misuse your pokemon in the cameo) 

Thanks! ~ 

All Stars App:

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I hardly ever offer my teams up for cameos to random people, but going from the description, it seems you have every intent to keep to the characters! I like that! I have two teams you can use if you want, anytime you want! ;)

My Main team, Team Ninja Bug from the Hunters Guild:…

And my Secondary Team, Poisonous Souls of the Researchers:…

I try to put as much detail of their history and personality as I can in the Apps description, but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask! :D