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: All Stars Mission One :



Three months before Jolt and Ruben were recruited into the Hunter’s Guild, Regigigas was causing trouble in the city they were living in. Jolt and Ruben, not having met yet, will do their own separate missions because of their different stats and abilities but when they go and receive their bonus, they will meet fatefully. But that is another story to save for another day . . .  


Current day: January 1, 2014


Ruben’s perspective


“So you’re saying I go and help these pokemons get out of here, and you are asking me to help when I haven’t officially joined the Hunter’s guild because. . ?” I ask in much disbelief making sure I heard Sundance right.


Currently some big monster was causing chaos in the city and I, with many others, was rounded up to help calm and save the innocent civilians that were in trouble. Problem was, I wasn’t exactly recruited yet because of my lack of *cough* teammates and they wouldn’t accept me in solo. Excuse me if I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to partner up with a mere 10-year old.


“We want you to help because of your Charisma level. It is a 5 out of 5 Charisma stat which we really need, to help calm and get everyone to safety. We are not exactly picky on the help we are getting as of now because of the crises that’s making this city fall apart and we need the help asap. If you help, there will be a bonus award for you because your Charisma is above a 4 stat.” Sundance, the guy who was rounding us up, answers me patiently. I reply, “A bonus eh? Sure count me in.”


“Good, take this tracker with you so we know where you are at all times.”


I pin the black square thing on my blue feathered chest and fly off, looking for some poor soul to save.


Jolt’s perspective:


“You are strong and fast, exactly what we need to confront Regigigas. And to secure the object . Are you willing to help us?” Asks Kara seriously. I pull my hood down low across my face until only my lips could be seen. “Yes, of course, as long as I get the bonus award for doing this for you.” I smile serenely.


“Good, I will round up others in case you fail. I expect that item in my hands soon, don’t disappoint me Jolt”


“I don’t have the highest agility title from where I came from as a decoration you know. I will reach Regigigas first and claim the object before any other pokemon. I’ll be off” I mutter shrugging her off and running full sprint towards the edge of the city, where destruction was already evident.


Arriving there in less than 5 minutes I survey my surroundings. Buildings were burning and very few pokemons were seen here. I notice a passing Pidgeotto in which I quickly ask it, “Have you seen a big giant pokemon named Regigigas?”


“Ah yes, it just came by a few minuetes ago, scaring the hell out of everybody. My guess is that it will head deeper into the city if no one stops him soon.”


“Ok, thanks”, I reply and put on my full speed in the direction the Pidgeotto pointed to.


Suddenly, I see a massive white, seemingly robotic pokemon with some bushes around its feet that seems out of place, trudging up the road just diagonal from the street I was running on. Without breaking a pause I scramble up from behind him and blast him a full discharge, stopping him in his tracks for just one second, giving me enough time to gain my balance and throw myself towards the leaves around his shoulder.


The bushes around his shoulder are massive and I bite a few leaves off and put them in my hood for safekeeping. Glancing around I try to find this “object” Kara wanted so badly. Not having much information to go off on, I pop my head out of his bush-shoulder and look around. We were almost in the center of the city now. Many pokemons were scrambling away from Regigigas while others attempted to confront him with not much success.


Feeling a tilt in his movement I glance up to the big pokemon’s center, which I assume were his eyes, wondering if he was hurt. Help me. . Young one. . . I can not hold on . . much longer I feel a jolt in my brain as an alien voice fills up my head.


Please, take this item. . .I want you to do what you believe is best for . . it . . It is on the right of you. . I . . don’t. . want . . . to . . . fight but I . . . have too. Please understand. My head clears and I glance unsurely towards my right side. Sure enough there was an object sitting there amongst the leaves.


Biting the gold shell like thing, I look up into Regigigas eyes one last time, nod my thanks, and jump off his shoulder.


He seem to be more calmly fighting now instead of acting brutal and angry. It looks like some of his anger and burden was lifted up from his shoulders the moment I left with the item, which makes me wonder why. What significance does this item hold I wonder to myself as I jog back to Kara to deliver the item. Is all the fighting over this one thing or does this item hold a secret about to be discovered?  

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Since my mission one story wasn't tooo long, I thought I'll do like a picture story rather than submit it as literature c: 

Also, I decided to play with the story plot a little bit. Everything that happens here are ALL made up and fictional, my original story line. Since I joined in the pmdunity group late, I had to come up with something for mission 1 for it to make sense because technically speaking, Jolt and Ruben hasn't formed a team when this 1st event took place ^^; 

Thanks for the reads and faves! :iconcuteheartplz: 


Mission 1 details:

Awards received from mission:

:bulletyellow: Mission 1 secondary rewards~ 2 :star: coins

:bulletyellow: Mysterious object from Regigigas

:bulletyellow: Mission 1 bonus rewards~ [2] free uses of Chantelle's Accessory Customization services 

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