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“It’s been a while since we’ve done anything.” Ruben comments while grooming his feathers.


After the little first round of Fight Tournament debacle and the fake Ambassador incident, Jolt and Ruben had been lazing around doing nothing in particular except training and ordinary day-to-day stuff. Now the errand and task board was full like never before.


Jolt shakes the water droplets from his body, he had just gone for a swim in a nearby river to wash himself and cool down. It was a super-hot sunny day at Andalusst.


“Yeah, and it’s time we get back to our roles as hunters” Replies Jolt retrieving his hood.


Suddenly there was a splash in the water near them. “Who’s there?” Jolt whips around and sparks flickers around him. Ruben stares intently at the water before a blue riolu’s head suddenly popped up. The riolu’s relaxed form shows both Jolt and Ruben that it has not seen them yet.


Suddenly Ruben zips to the water in lightning speed and a thump could be heard before the Riolu’s body is dragged unto shore. “Are you stupid”, cries Jolt jogging over to the little fletching and familiar looking riolu. I saw this riolu’s picture on the board and I remember it specifically saying to NOT attack it. Now our team is going to be punished thanks to you.”


 Ruben narrows his eyes, “Well you’re welcome for catching him, and I just didn’t want him to get away”. He harrumphs angrily before flying back to the branch Ruben was on before they saw the Riolu. Jolt rolls his eyes and inspects him. It was a rather small riolu, a bit scrawny on the side. This little riolu had a big head bruise caused from Ruben knocking it out. Jolt sighs before digging into his hood pocket and grabbing the last potion he had. hope this helps Jolt thinks and sprays the riolu.


. . .

“Didn’t the board explicitly say not to hurt him??” Thundered the booming voice of Sundance. “We’re terribly sorry.” Muttered Jolt. Ruben was nowhere to be seen. Probably embarrassed and chickened out in coming to deliver the knocked out riolu Jolt thought in his mind frowning a bit. “Fine, your team will get a strike, bring the riolu in” Sundance calmly says.


Riolu was brought in and Jolt stands patiently by thinking how to get back at the naughty Fletchling.


“—Not him! Yo, you over there explain this! Are you working for the Sceptile?”


Jolt snaps back to reality and sees an angered Sundance staring at him. “Wait, what are you saying?” Asks Jolt questioning, going up next to Sundance. Sundance looks at him with mistrust, “Answer me first, are you working for that stupid Sceptile??” Jolt blinks in confusion, “of course not! Who do you take me as?” Replies the indignant Jolteon.


“Okay good, I’ll take your word for it now but if I see your face again in any sort of crime, I won’t have mercy on you.”


“Yes sir.” Jolt replies seriously.


“See this here?” Sundance points to a small birthmark on the riolu’s arm. “This is not the Riolu with the Sceptile, you’ve been gravely mistaken. Though this riolu does look like him a bit, the other one isn’t so scrawny and has no birthmark.”


Jolt’s eyes widens in disbelief We got the wrong Riolu. . “Well lucky for you, I’ll remove the strike from your team’s name because technically you didn’t hurt him. . yet. But you will take full responsibility for this riolu’s injuries and any other consequences you have caused.”


With a sigh of relief Jolt nods his head and sits next to the unconscious riolu to wait for him to wake up while Sundance leaves the room.


. . .


I couldn’t tell Jolt this but something felt off about that riolu. I think he wasn’t the one. Thought Ruben as he flew lazily across the city streets looking for something. But I have nothing to prove so I’ll just have to find the real riolu to bring. Hopefully Jolt’s doing okay with Sundance Ruben thinks as an afterthought.


Now where should I go to find him . . Ponders the little fletching looking to the right and left. He lands on one of the venders, scratching his head in confusion.  




. . .


Ruben wakes up in a daze. “ahhhhh” groans the small fletchling. Where am I? Ruben looks around the dark room and notices that it was barren, so he could not use anything as a weapon. He was also tied up pretty tight and couldn’t fly, not to mention the metal band on his ankle connected to the wall made him unable to move around the room as he please. Well this is just great Thinks Ruben sourly. Guess nothing to do now but to lay in here for a while eh?


. . .


“So your other teammate is a fletchling eh? “ Questions the long awakened riolu.


His name was Kawanie.


  Yep and I can’t believe Ruben is this angry at me; he’s never ignored me for this long. thought Jolt to himself privately. It was almost dinner time and the little fletchling was not seen anywhere.


“Yea, his name is Ruben. He should be meeting with us soon, but how about now we do some tasks without him to not waste any time?” Jolt asks the little riolu who has easily forgiven him once he explained how they made a mistake. Though throughout the day, Kawanie didn’t stop following him and asking questions. Doesn't he have a life Jolt mutters to himself annoyingly.


“So it seems like we should retrieve some badminton birdies from some private property, something that shouldn’t take us long.” Continues Jolt, not waiting for an answer from Kawanie. “Sure thing, I’ll stand watch and you could go in and take ‘em out real quick.” Answers the small riolu excitedly. “Yep that’s the plan,” Jolt agreed.

Using dig to get to the yard, Jolt hurriedly snatches the shuttles in his mouth and hood as to not get caught being on someone's random property. Coming back up next to Kawanie he spits out the shuttle in his mouth and flings the dirt back in place. Kawanie blinks. "Wow that was fast."

3 shuttlecocks retrieved later, Jolt and Kawanie paid Sundance another visit. “Hey-o Sundance! You needed these?” Called out Jolt as they stopped Sundance in his tracks. Sundance turns around, “Ah thank you!! I’m so glad I can’t thank you enough, here lemme buy you ice cream!”

Kawanie shouts excitedly while Jolt smiles politely and replies, “Ah no it’s fine, I was actually just wondering if you have seen my little fletchling friend around? He has a tuft of puffed up fur on the top of his head unlike most fletchlings.”


“Come, we can talk over a bowl of  icecream and I also would like to ask a favor of you since it seems like you’re capable of defending yourself, first from what I seen you do to the poor riolu –points at Kawanie briefly- and retrieving my shuttlecocks without notice.” Replies Sundance as he starts walking to the nearest ice cream shop.


Jolt sighs and ignores the cheering of the small riolu. We have to find Ruben, he couldn’t be hurt. . . He’s a strong little guy


With a bowl of icecream beside Jolt that he didn’t touch, he starts bombarding Sundance with questions. “So could you help us search for Ruben? Is there any way to track him down? What was the thing you wanted me to help with? How-“

Sundance put a paw up. “Maybe not, most likely no, and the fliers Robin mentioned. “ He answered quickly before going back to eating his icecream.


“Yes but I can’t possibly start doing the fliers without my teammate because he’s the creative one unlike me.”


“Hm, okay we do want the fliers to look nice. . How about helping me in giving a tour around to the Ambassador?”


“Sorry my Charisma’s not high enough and again my partner is the one who would be able to handle that.”


The Sundance scratches his head. “Well, I guess it’s kinda important to find your partner than if it’s like that. .”


The door jingles and in walked a smiling Greninja. “So what I’m thinking is possibly look around town for the fletchling if you havn’t done that already, he could be just losing track of time and-“ Sundance continues on and the Greninja walks past them to order icecream. Jolt’s eyes narrows a bit at the Greninja, feeling as if there was something he had to do but the clear haze around him suddenly made Jolt feel funny and soon Sundance's voice faded in the background of his suddenly loud pounding heartbeat.


“-should not be in too much danger.” Sundance finished as he got up pushing his chair back. “Well I’ve got to go, I’ve used up enough time here. Wish you luck in finishing your mission and getting your partner back!”


Jolt blinks, still fighting the effects of haze while out of the corner of his eye he sees Sundance walks out unaffected by the haze and a big pokemon walk in. “C’mon Kawanie let’s leave as well.” Jolt says with difficulty while grabbing his uneaten icecream and stuffing it in his hood hoping it wasn’t fall out. Kawanie’s eyes seemed to be glazed over as he replies, “okay.”


[Get them, they’re leaving the ice cream shop and bringing the evidence out, we can’t let them do that]

[Sorry boss, I’m sorta occupied right now, it’s hard securing a base and there are lots of resistance]

[You’re so useless, fine, I’ll stop them myself.] 

Before Jolt could make it out the door with the dazed riolu in time, a big masked Sceptile blocked the doorway. “No one’s getting out on my watch.” Came a muffled shout. Jolt bristled, electricity coursing throughout his body as he got ready to defend himself.


I remember now, that Greninja was also on the wanted list along with this dam big Sceptile. Jolt thought.


“Kawanie follow me closely understand?” Jolt call out before using dig not waiting to hear a reply.


“Don’t you dare escape” Sceptile yells as he pulls off his mask and starts to light up, ready to use a move. Jolt looks up and gets an idea. Throwing the icecream he held at the sceptile’s face, The sceptile opens his mouth in surprise and swallows the sweet dessert. The sceptile blinks, “Um thank you for that?”


Jolt smirks before getting out of there through the hole he dug. He had a plan in mind.


. . .


Ruben’s eyes crack open and his small stomach rumbles. Argh am I a forgotten captive or something? Aren’t they gonna feed me?? he grumbles to himself. 


He dully looks around trying to find a way to escape. Let’s try using steel wing to escape these bounds Ruben’s wings light up in steel gray color as he struggles to break free of his thick, unyielding ropes. Dam what kind of ropes are these Ruben thinks sourly.  

Next he uses overheat in hopes of burning through the ropes that bound him. “Arghhhhhhhh” Nothing happens as Ruben screams and struggles. Exhausted, the little fletchling falls on the ground panting. What he notices as he lay there is a small black footprint on the ground from where he had stood previously when using overheat.


An idea arises in his mind. Ruben grins Let’s do this Laying there Ruben uses Overheat again and again and even rolls around to all the wood he can reach. Finally winded he managed to produce  small burning flames on the floor. C’mon flames, burn this place down He took one deep breathe and spread the flames throughout the room.


Soon there was crashing and smells of burning wood as Ruben sat calmly tied to the wall and the place slowly burned down. I’ll only be a little bit hurt Thought Ruben with tiredness as he slowly closes his eyes to rest.


. . .

Using dig to get out of the ice cream shop Jolt bolt to Sundance’s place, hoping he’ll be there. “Sundance! Sceptile and Greninja are loose in the icecream shop; if we hurry we can catch up to them!” Jolt burst out to the empty room. Huh where’s Sundance Jolt muses.


“Jolt! There’s smoke outside on the edge of town!! Something’s burning!” Kawanie exclaims breathless, stumbling in.


Jolt and Kawanie hurries out and squints at the horizon, indeed seeing smoke curling up in the distance.


“Let’s go.” Jolt shouts as he starts running full speed toward the trail of smoke.


. . .


“What’s going on here?” A big Sceptile steps through the smoke and fire, flinching and trying not to get burned. The Sceptile secureed the icecream shop successfully and he had left Greninja there to take care of the rest of things.


Now he had another problem to get rid of. The stupid, persistent fletchling. I bet he’s the one that caused all this fire Sceptile thought angrily as he stalk through the rooms, looking for the Fletchling. Once I find him, he’ll be dead meat

. . .


Ruben slowly opens his heavy eyelids and smile. His planned had worked. Once the wood burned away, he could break free of his bonds, even with the metal band still clinging to his ankle like an annoying bracelet. But I’m still tied Thought Ruben with annoyance. How am I going to free my wings?


Suddenly a loud boom could be heard as the big wooden door smashed inside the room and started to burn apart. A sceptile loomed in the room.


Crap, crap, crap Thought Ruben as he hopped up and to the side trying to use the flames in the room as walls of protection.


“Hello little fletchling. So we meet again.”


Ruben glares at the big Sceptile, “Let me go, I havn’t done anything wrong. How could you capture me when I was just sitting on top of the vending machine?”


“Because-“ Sceptile drawled slowly “- weren’t you planning on capturing my dear friend Riolu?”


Ruben freezes, not saying a word but continues to glare. “Well, well, we can’t let you roam around and try to ruin my plans can we? And by the looks of it, I almost have everything in place. Now I just need to kidnap the real ambassador while he tours the city. Oops, did I say that out loud?” The Sceptile grins evilly, purposely trying to get a reaction.


Argh I’m useless in this state. Thought Ruben angrily, struggling in his rope bounds. But as he kept struggling, the bound slowly starts to get looser. Ruben struggles faster and soon the ropes fall down to his feet. He looks down at it, in truth the fire behind him has slowly burned through the thick rope. I’m free Thought the dirty fletchling giddily. In a flash he used Fly and crashed into the surprised Sceptile, pushing him into one of the flames. The flames did more damage than his attack. Ruben had to get out of, he was fatigued already and knew he couldn’t face the Sceptile head-on. But the Sceptile rose up scratched and blocked the doorway.


“Going out so soon?” Smirks the Sceptile. With a yell, Ruben activates Overheat and plows through Sceptile and flies out the door and into a maze of hallway. Shiz, how do I get out of here? Ruben thinks frantically. Flying to the roof of the hallway, he starts smashing the thick but burning roof with steel wing. Sceptile rumbles in grinning, “Oh no you don’t.” Sceptile gets out a berry gun and tries to shoot. But nothing happens. “Wha-“ The Sceptile exclaims in surprise.


The door is thrown open and a familiar voice reaches the Ruben. “Surprised you dam Sceptile?” The sceptile turns around to the cloaked Jolteon, instantly recognizing him. “What did you do??” Cried the Sceptile angrily throwing the gun away.


“Remember the icecream I fed you?”, Smirk the Jolteon whose eyes found a dirty battered fletchling utilizing steel wing. “It makes the pokemon who eat the icecream unable to use their item for a while.”


“Ruben! Come, let’s go, I know the way out!” I shout to Ruben as I turn and leave the confused Sceptile.


Coming out, a whole crowd stood outside. Clapping and cheering could be heard. “Is the Sceptile still in there?” Calls out Don and he slowly made his way to the front. “Should be.” Replied Jolt as he motioned for him to go in and investigate. Soon the strong Sceptile came out handcuffed.


The Ambassador Frosslass comes up. “Good job for what you’ve done!” I turn and look at the smiling Frosslass. “It was nothing, thank you.” I reply.

“I was wondering. . “ The Frosslass pauses almost shy. “Yes?” I raise an eyebrow. “Um could you give me a tour of this city? I know with your strength, you will be able to protect me for sure.”


I look at the Frosslass in surprise, “You sure you want us to give you a tour?” “Yes I’m sure”, smiles Frosslass.


“Then let’s go, what are we waiting for?”

Jolt and Ruben managed to show Frosslass every part of Andalusst. They showed Frosslass the little library in the middle of the town along with a couple of guilds. They came across the dungeons at the very edge of the city which they warned Frosslass about never going in alone without someone else. Also they finally visited the little ice cream shop Sundance had taken Jolt and Kawanie earlier that day. They had to make a stop back because Ruben threatened that if he didn't get some food soon he'll make sure to burn their little camp out in the woods which Jolt exasperatedly led them back to the icecream shop with little choice. 

By this time Kawanie was gone, but without saying goodbye of course and promising to bump into them again along that riverside from which they first met.


. . .


Throughout the tour Jolt and Ruben spread the news that Regigigas was now friendly and undestructive. Ruben the charismatic one on the team joyously said hello to every pokemon he came across while Jolt was giving Frosslass the tour and was spreading "rumors" on how Regigigas was now cool and chill.  Many pokemons were joyous to hear this while others unfortunately brushed Ruben off. Overall it was a great and fulfilling day.


“Well, that concludes these eventful June tasks” Ruben comments and winces as Jolt securely finishes tying his bandage.  “Yeah, we’ve caught the wrong riolu, confronted a strong Sceptile, got badminton shuttlecocks back for Sundance, gave Frosslass a tour, and spread the word that Regigigas is a good guy now. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings” Jolt replies yawning. 

The longest 10 pages I've ever procrastinated on. . . . :iconfrancisplz: So glad it's done. I feel bad to whoever reads this boatload of bad-grammar story. Have fun :iconchinaaruplz:

(c) Wintermcy

Team All Stars:


Tasks Completed:

-Capture the Agent (Sceptile) - Reward: Merit & Evolution Slip  
- Regigigas Reputation (Spread the word through mouth) - Reward: Merit & Hunter Access Permissive 
-Froslass's Protection (Tour) - Reward: Merit & Omate Chopsticks
-Tactical Shuttlecock Action - Reward: Mixed Berry Icecream 

[EDIT] Made fixes to Regigigas Reputation event, Frosslass's protection (Tour) event, and Tactial Shuttlecock Action event 10/24
© 2014 - 2022 wintermcy
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Hey, apologies that this took so long to get to. What Bui said above is also true for your Hunters task 3. We'd like you to add at least a little description of what the team actually did to find and collect the shuttles; it doesn't have to be long. You've got at week from now to make any changes. Sorry for the trouble, and good luck.