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What I have so far ~
Collabing with TwilightDreamers10 

As Team dawnheart and team all stars meet at the manor, they put on a spectacular combination move show for the show. 


They start out first with Ruben the Fletchling using overheat to light up his body and make him glow while Jolt the Jolteon gracefully uses discharge to coat Ruben's already glowing body to add a more sparking effect while Gomez uses dark pulse to add to the coating making the small fletchling looks mysterious and dark while he soars over the crowd to start the show off.

Gomez is then lifted by Ruben after soaring once around the crowd, and as he hangs on....He summons his Aural Blade from Bone Rush and Jolt fires Discharge at the blade to coat it in thunder....then...after enough height, Ruben drops him and Gomez does a front flip in the air before he slams down and releases a shockwave of Dark Pulse coated by the electricity conducted through the blade creating "oohs" and "aaahs" in the crowd as they become mesmerized by the show of strength from the Lucario.

Jolt uses a big shadow ball and throws it in the air above his head and than uses discharge on it to make it a sparking shadow ball. Than ruben flies in and uses steel wing on the sparking shadow ball which makes it explode into a beautiful sparkling firework display around the 3 pokemon and also leaving a sparkling after effect. Gomez than uses vaacuum wave to push the sparkles in the air towards the crowd. The crowd cheers at the ending and the entertainment is a success! It captures the hearts and eyes of many mons in the crowd and the 3 pokemons takes a bow smiling at each other. They did it.


This is just a brief idea of what Twilightdreamers and I have right now for errand 4. Because we are collaborating we need just a snidge bit more time to come out with the full story and fancy stuff ^.^ Enjoy the quick version of the errand for now! More to come so stay tuned ;D  

So far it's been super fun collabing!! We just need to add a bit more details to errand 4 and it'll be done (: Please be patient with us ^.^

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Collab with: TwilightDreamers10 > His part (:
Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014
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Submitted my half of the placeholder and also linked to you as well as a link to your Team's E4 here in the description =3