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While Jolt was home getting ready for his Fight Club tournament in a week I decided to go on a little walk and check the errands board because word on the street was, there was this especially daring errand this time that has been posted recently and what caught my eye was that this was not an errand for the faint hearted. And I was far from a faint hearted pokemon.


Wanted: intrepid test subjects for alchemical experimentation. . Expected results include temporary discoloration, random spontaneous fur growth, temporary type conversion, and mild to extreme discomfort of varying degrees at a possibility of 30-40%.


I grin from ear to ear. This might just make my day interesting I thought as I went to sign my name on the growing list of participants. Then I head over to the researcher’s guild to find Chelle, wondering what the potion would taste like.


“So your name is?” Asks a green cellular pokemon named Chelle inside a lab in the researcher’s guild. “Ruben”, I say confidently ready for whatever potion she was going to give me.


“Ahh I see, it seems like you’re bit more on the confident side eh? I think you may be the perfect subject for this compound from tier 1. This is slightly more active in side effects than others and you may feel like you’ve just got your butt kicked after a battle.” She hands me a greenish bubbly substance that smell rather sweet like a pecha berry.   


I give her a look and huff, “I’ve almost never got my butt kicked in a battle because I am always over leveled than most of my opponents. Don’t underestimate me.”


Chelle just looks at me in amusement while I swing the bottle to my mouth with my chest puffing out assertively. For a minute I felt absolutely no change in my body. I stare at Chelle, “I think this formula you gave me has no effect on me. Give me another—“


I gasp suddenly as I feel a throbbing pain in my chest as if someone stomped repeatedly in one certain area. I scrunch my mouth in a small circle trying to speak, “I thought *gasp* you said *gasp* that I would *gasp* feel *gasp* like my *gasp* butt *gasp* was kicked! *gasp*


I wheeze out the rest of my sentence to the smirking Chelle “This *gasp* feels more like *gasp* I ran *gasp* a frickin marathon!! *gasp* My butt does *gasp* not hurt *gasp* at all *gasp* you lier.” I sank to the floor in exhaustion.


Chelle hands me a mirror and I look at her questioningly. “Just look in it” she replies shrugging as she goes back to work in her lab. I hold it up in shaking talons and look, almost throwing the mirror across the room a second after.


I had the brightest pink fur on my whole head where my red fur used to be and some of my feathers were light pink as well. Not only that, my cute little tuft of fur on top of my head I usually have was outgrown into a long lady like hairstyle, reaching to my shoulders in a cascading fur overload. My eyelashes were longer and I swear I could pass as a girl.


I blink my eyes imagining myself coming home today looking like this. Jolt would freak.


“So how long do these effects last?” I ask after some time of studying myself and getting use to my new look.

“Come back tomorrow for a final documentation to see if anything changes after 24 hours and I’ll have my medical team fix you right back to normal in no time.” Chelle answers distractedly, already helping the next pokemon with the experiment who was a nice looking meowth with an interesting butterfly collar that stood out.


I nod while giving back the mirror, the pain in my chest now throbbing dully.


I flip my long pink hair and strut out a hip while batting my eyelashes, “How do you think I look, don’t I look like a new undiscovered model ready for fame?” I ask sarcastically in my highest voice causing laughter from both the meowth and Chelle.

“Oh you go home now and stop trying to distract me from the other experimentation.” Chelle says in attempt of seriousness. I roll my eyes playfully and fly out the door, only to discover I couldn’t fly.


“Wait whaaat?” I squawk in shock, flapping my long untuneful wings in dismay as nothing happens except for some light pink feathers falling to the ground in my panic.

Chelle sighs, “As the warnings has warned, there might be a temporary type conversion and it looks like that’s happened to you. For the day you are no more a “flying” type. I guess you’ll have to walk home, luckily the dorms in the Hunter’s guild isn’t far from here.”


“But I don’t live in the dorms!”, I cry in dismay, still trying to flap my wings.


“Ah well, I guess you’ll have to walk home, wherever your home may be”, Chelle chuckles lightheartedly as she returns back on checking the now multicolored meowth.


I grumble while walking out the door with my small talon feet. At least this builds my endurance because I never walk I thought trying to look at the positive side while slowly making my way home.

This was super fun to write!! I decided to bring the POV of the Fletchling in Team All Stars because so far, Jolt the Jolteon had been getting all the spotlight XD

I also like to tie all my stories together and in the beginning when Ruben the Fletchling was talking about Jolt "staying home getting ready for the Fight Club tournament" he was referring to the tournament I put Jolt in for :iconpmd-tournament: 

Thanks for reading!! Hope y'all enjoy it ^^

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Client: Chelle
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Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

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