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“The Egg Festival! The time of Easter, ahhh Easter. I love Easter. Don’t you? Let’s stuff our bellies and don’t go hungry for a week! Oooo I wonder if we can bring some eggs home. Did you know eggs are a good source of protein? The errand board says so, so I believe what it says because it’s the errand board and the info there are always right. Oh and did you buy that stuffed Easter bunny I told you about the other day? It was the cutest, fluffiest thing. Lightest of the pink with large white ears. I could probably use it as my new perch instead of your head though your head is fluffy as well. And did you know-“


I roll my eyes at the easily excitable Fletchling.


Easter Sunday has passed and for the day, we roamed around chilling in street corners and watching the passersby and just taking a break from guild training in general. Now we’re back in the game and it seems like the errand board has a new errand for us.


“What I want you guys to do is come to the markets in the next few days and either paint some pretty eggs, or make your favorite egg dish. All the materials will be provided - you just have to show up and participate. .”


Sounded simple enough and once I had agreed to try my hand at decorating those eggs, Ruben wouldn’t stop jabbering.


I had a good feeling the eggs he wanted to make would come out *cough* terrible. Imagine a little bird with talons flipping eggs on a hot stove. Especially if that little bird has a pretty short attention span and doesn’t like to stay still half the time. Not a pretty picture. But don’t ever tell him I think that though, he’ll kill me.


“Are you even listening Jolt??”


“I asked, you’ll be supportive and try the eggs I make right?”

“Oh uhh”, I try to find an excuse, “I don’t really like eggs though. . . You know, I don’t like the taste that much. .”


Ruben shrugs a wing not noticing my guilty look, “Okay, if you say so. Don’t come teary eyed to me if there’s none left over for you.” I mentally sigh with relief, “Oh that’s okay, thanks though.”


Arriving at the redecorated markets after the short walk, we are awarded with the sight of beautiful flashing lights and cheerful calls of different pokemons from all around.


“Wow, this place sure has changed since Regigigas caused chaos here.” Ruben observes flapping his way towards a big sign that read Egg cookers here! Make your own egg recipe I turn my attention the opposite way and make my own way to the egg decoration booth.


“Pick an egg any egg! One egg in which you can enter in the egg decoration contest!” a familiar voice called out as I stood in front of the egg booth unsure of what to do. I glance up in surprise. Who would have guessed Curtis the Furret was here.


“Oh hi, it’s you.” I say mildly. He blinks, “Do I know you?” I wasn’t surprised he has forgotten me.


“Probably not, but do you remember a loud tiny Fletchling by a chance?” His eyebrows furrows together in thought. “Fletchling, Fletchling. He couldn’t have been the one that made the funny faces behind the Empoleon waiter when we were waiting to get our food could he?”


I blink, hiding my surprise that he was actually paying attention before he spaced out on us the other day. “Yeah, it was that Fletchling.” I smile thinking of those funny faces Ruben had made behind the Empoleon. It was pretty funny.


Looking at the eggs in front of me, I chose an egg by random and carefully pick it up in my jaws while jogging to the table where the paints were.

Viewing the ‘mons at the table I try to find a place to sit that wouldn't disturb anyone. I notice a friendly looking Riolu talking up a storm with a purple eyed Dewott at the center of the table and an Amoura sitting in a corner all by herself quietly painting one of the prettiest eggs I’ve seen.


She’ll most likely win the egg decoration contest I thought to myself as I notice a minun little ways off from where I stood. That minun was the only other electric type here who looked like it wouldn’t bite my head off if I sat next to it.


Settling down I flip my hood from my head and got to work. I had the best idea of what to paint, even if it won’t grab me a win in the contest.


Finishing a bit of red there and a blue here I was done.


“Wow, that’s a quite realistic design you got there”

I look up in surprise, nearly spilling blue paint over my newly finished egg.

“Sorry for scaring ya, my name is Kid and I just saw you so concentrated from where I sat so I just came around to see what you were working on and holy milktank that looks like the real thing!” the majestic looking Umbreon exclaims over my egg.

I look down at it feeling somewhat unsure but proud as well. “Uhh thanks I guess. I’m planning on giving this to someone since I couldn’t give him an Easter bunny he wanted a couple days ago. I wanted to make it look good to make up for the bunny.”

He nods in reply, “I’m sure that pokemon would love you for it. Well I got to go; it was nice talking with ya!”

I wave a paint stained paw in response.




“So how was your egg painting experience?” Ruben questions me as we head home after a long and consuming egg festival day. After the events were over, all the pokemons who were there got a free egg basket filled with different egg dishes. Our egg baskets combined would bring us a few days of food.


“It was great! That one Amoura who sat alone the whole time won the decoration contest and I met this Umbreon with a weird looking ear.”


“Cool! I was too busy cooking to make any friends but I saved an egg piece I cooked for you! A lot of people liked it, here try it!!”


I raise an eyebrow and sniff at the piece of egg he gives me. After being sure it was okay, I bit into it.


It was indescribable how much flavor it had into it. “Mmmmmm” I groan slightly at how delicious it tastes. Ruben grins, “Good right?” “More than good, how did you do this?” “It’s a secret”, he winks at me.


“Here I have something for you too.” I reach in my hood and pull out the now dry egg.


Ruben’s eyes become huge. “OMG. That’s like the exact representation of me!!! Its mini me haha! You even drew my red tufts on my head!! Wow, you’re so artistic, IloveitIloveitIloveit! Thanks!! I’ll keep this with me foreverrrrr”



I smile, blushing a little, glad he's forgotten about the stuffed Easter Bunny. 

Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

+1 :star: coin

:sprint: 4/26 Going to try and finish it as fast as i can!! c: Meanwhile, stay tuned !

4/26 I'm not exactly done, but here's half as a placeholder!!! I will finish the rest when i have time c:  

4/27 Completed!!! I will be adding a cover picture for this errand soon. Hopefully I think I've fainted. 

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Purple-eyed Dewott NeilGBX

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Minun Echo-the-Latias

Kid the Umbreon Iloveriolu 

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Sorry, but the Errands journal specifically says that placeholders consisting of blank submissions or the word "PLACEHOLDER" aren't acceptable. Placeholders still need to meet the given objectives on their own, so if you can't get a passable submission in before the deadline, I'm afraid this submission will need to be removed, and your team won't be able to receive the reward for this Errand.