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“Hey Jolt, look at that poster. Should we help the poor guy out with the graffiti?”

“Nah, we don’t have time for those stuff, we just got into the guild yesterday!! We need to find more info on the type of tasks they like to assign, what kind of pokemons run the guild, who is in the guild, who are our enemies, who are are friends, who are-“

“OKAY I get it. Jeez. It’s not like we have the rest of our life to figure all that out.”

“Cut with the sarcasm Ruben, I really don’t want us to start at the end of the list in this guild.”

“Yeah yeah, got it.”


It was a beautiful, bright morning. The day right after the weird Furret named Cuffin interviewed Ruben and I and let us in the Hunter’s Guild. And not to mention, gave me the creeps. I wonder if that’s what he does for a living. Interview pokemons and creep the hell out of them I thought mildly.


If you don’t know me, I am a Jolteon, evolved after my 15th birthday and have been just living around until I met Ruben. I don’t know where my family is if I have any left but to be honest, we Evees get separated at birth most of the time, either because we are usually pet pokemons so lots of people want to keep us as companions or we are in high demand by many professors and trainers. Anyways, just call me Jolt and don’t give me any other nicknames. I hate pokemons that do that and won’t answer you if you do.


“I’m still thinking we should help that guy” Ruben interrupts my thoughts and flies a bit slower so I could catch up to the restless Fletchling. “Why?” I ask him curiously. Ruben answers while doing dips in the air, “Welllllll I do pity him with those Smeargles upsetting him . . . and also, don’t we need money? Like, no offence to your awessssoome choice of our sleeping place, which is outside in the woods, but I smell after some time you know if I don’t take showers.”


I roll my eyes at him sarcastically and laugh, “All you care about is yourself.”

“No I don’t! I care about you too and you know it Joltieee”


I was about to say something tacky back at him for calling me that horrendous name but suddenly we came to a stop at an amazing spectacle before us.  A huge section of the city was filled with paint, mean words, and you won’t ever guess what else. Graffiti.


“Fuddggee is this what we’re supposed to clean up for only one star coin?”, Ruben exclaims and lands on top of my head.

“Well, don’t look at me, who was the one that wanted to ‘help the guy out’ huh?” I retort back.

“Uh uhhhh”

“Nope, you can’t go back on your word now Ruben, part of your pity rubbed off of me. Now we are going to help this guy out so let’s get to work right away!”, I smirk.

"But what about the guild? Shouldn't we uh you know, not waste any time?"

"Nah we got our whole lives for that"


I shake my head a little to get him off and he flaps grumpily away muttering “Stupid Smeargles” 

Untitled Drawing by wintermcy

So they spent the whole afternoon cleaning up the graffiti and repainting the walls into nice encouraging words.

The End. 

 :iconsomoeplz: Ahhh it's finally done!!! c: 

It took both Jolt and Ruben hours to clean up a city section ^^; It was a really good work out for them, so they gained a few muscles ;P
btw, Jolt doesn't have his hood on while cleaning up to avoid getting it dirty c: 

 They wrote a happy message at the end for all of you and they do wish you all a happy day ! :iconnicedayplz: 


1st Assignment details: 

Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014  

Wow, it's been a while since I used this errand board. Brings back some nice memories, heh. Anyway, how's it goin' fellas? I've got a lil' problem I could use some help with. Some cheeky buggers have gone and used the chaos after Mr. Statue's rampage as an excuse to practice their graffiti. It's all over th' place in the downtown areas, in alleyways, even on some restaurant walls! Probably just juvenile Smeargles havin' some fun. It's just that some of it's kinda rude. I'd ask ya to scrub it all off but well...they did put a lot of effort into it. So instead of gettin' rid of it all, how about you scrub off th' rude words an' replace them with something nice? Come see me about your rewards when it's done! I've got one star coin for any team who helps me out! Ta.

Received: +1 :star: coin


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Haha this was a good read