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Draconic Gate

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awesome work! :D


nothing more to say

absolutely gorgeous

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You are shadow of the Colossus

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I'm not afraid. I'd camp among the ruins, explore them extensively then paddle out into infamy beyond the dragon's reach.

What a stunning image, it literally makes my imagination run wild.

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Yeah I'd love to explore these ruins too, so many things to do here for sure

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It's been a while since those dragons were alive... I wonder if at the time the keep was also at its magnificency

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Castle was simple, but effective, here to keep the fjord safe from pirates or northmen. Beyond the gates lies a realm for Heroes only

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I think is so far one of my favorite scenic images. When I look at this I feel like I'm standing there. Stunning work!

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Stunning work! The lighting is perfect, and I love the sense of scale you've captured! :)

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Beautiful- especially like the light coming through the clouds! :clap:

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I am in love with this picture. It's absolutely fantastic and like I said times before: I would LOVE to live there. Awesome work!

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That looks amazing!

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Very amazing and beautiful!

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got a LOTR vibe to it but darker :P looks really good!

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LOTR but with Dark Souls dragons in it

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dragons are cooler than two men imo.

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Through here, the Dominion of Dragons await...

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

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nothing planned about that...

LanawynTheBlueElf's avatar

Okay, I hope you'll change your mind, I'd love to see your take on an elven city

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Gorgeous piece. Well done! =)

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