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hi, i'm not online much on dA

if you would like to contact me, please contact me via discord! i'm lol saihara#7937!
kuro and sylvana ref (READ DESC!!)
both of them DO NOT belong to me!! they are from my friend jace!
    Name: Kuro Atawana
Species: Half breed: aka: Neko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 14th
Sexuality: I mean... Undetermined, but prolly straight.
Occupation: Drifter (adult)
Short Appearance Description: Kuro is a Neko, we know this. And if you didn't, the cat ear headphones, Winking Kitti sweater, and her swaying tail an' twitching ears should give it away quickly. Her green eyes are full of curiosity and mischeif, and her blonde hair seems to just compliment her overall. Short Personality: Kuro is mischevious. She enjoys trouble, and though it isn't shown, knows how to defend herself.. She seems to be constantly in business she doesn't belong in, and occasionally offers advice. But Kuro is a nuisance. She simply does not care enough to care.
Crush: Ohohoho wouldn't you like to know?
In any ships?: nop
Relationship Status, if taken then with who?: singlepringlelife
Other Relationships: Davin, toy Sylvana, easy button pusher
Related To: nobody
Other: Kuro is... Though it seems unlikely, a very easy person to get along with. For a protag, she could give Jackson a run for his money in terms of annoyance. Don't get her wet. (no sexual inneundos guys)
        :     Name: Sylvana Pookah
Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 13th
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: (now) College Student
(adult) Traveling Wizard
Short Appearance Description: Green eyes, wears a cutesy blue skirt and overshirt, with a long-sleeved, white undershirt. She sports a red plad cape, and a yellow headband that keeps her hair still, apart from a small bit which sticks up at the top of her head. Carries a black parasol around as an accessory, and a weapon.
Short Personality: Sylv is studious, flat out wants to be the best wizard ever. She enjoys jelly rolls with what most would consider an unhealthy obsession, but she's a very happy and bright girl.
Crush: Ya boi Horizon
In any ships?: Slyzon
Relationship Status, if taken then with who?: taken asf, by Horizon
Other Relationships: Kuro, major annoyance. Literally everyone: friends for life!
Related To: NOBODY
Other: Sylvana comes from a distant planet called Filgaia, in which monster attacks and weird shit is a normal occurance, it was because of this that she first started to learn magic, and when she picked up quickly, it was soon decided she would pursue her dream of being a lovely wizard.(edited)

davin and kanon ref (READ DESC!!)
the following ocs ARE NOT MINE. they are from my friend jacegg!!
        Name: Davin Irving Lycander
Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 11th
Occupation: (now)College Student
(adult) haven't decided
Short Appearance Description: Brown messy hair, purple eyes, wears a vest and tie all the time, a solid colored shirt, and a pair of jeans, and fancy shoes. Slender, but has a definite muscle tone.
Short Personality: Davin is protective, not just of those he likes, but also those around him. Davin could be labeled odd, as he would even go as far as protecting his sworn enemy from death itself, though he often says he'll kill her. He seems fairly kind, but under the surface...
Crush: "B-Bun.. W-What's it to you?!"
In any ships?: Bunvin!!
Headcanon ship: Kavon.
Relationship Status, if taken then with who?: Taken by ya girl Bunnibel! (bunnibel is owned by JaneNoLongerCares)
Other Relationships: GG, Frenemy. Kanon, Rival.
Related To: Jace, Jade, and Void Lycander. As Father, Aunt, And mother, respectively.
Other: Davin has a form known as Blazevin.. If given a second demon wing....
    Name: Aisha "Kanon" Bernadette
Species: Human (Part Robot)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 16th
Occupation: (now) College Student
(adult) haven't decided by the owner
Short Appearance Description: Kanon is part woman, part machine. She has a bionic eye. She is a concealed weapon, with blades and drills hidden in pockets of empty space within her own body. She wears only adventuring clothes, unless it comes to a certain someone..
Short Personality: Kanon believes herself to be the killer of all evil, protector of all that is good. She cares deeply for those around her, but doesnt choose to show it because..     'Ew.. Showing my feelings for everyone? I can barely do it around CW.' 
    Crush: CW (Clockwork, real name is Ovrareas, owned by ObjectObjectifying)
In any ships?: Kanonwork, Klanon, Clanon. All the same ship.
Relationship Status, if taken then with who?: Clockwork Other Relationships: Aurora, Best mufucka. Davin, Sees him as part demon.. And rival.
Related To: Nobody (that's kinda sad)
  Other: Kanon simply is a good person, but she doesn't care about that. She just enjoys the moment when the moment comes. But fuck Davin. He's.. Hmm.. Fuck Davin.
Davin and Kanon (c) Jace/Kenny
Artwork by me
there ya go
all i do is refs lmao
xylon ref
fun fact: kusatta means rotten in japanese
 Name: Kusatta Xylon
Species: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1st June
Occupation: (now) College Student
(adult) Paperwork secretary of a high school??
Short Appearance Description: Has a ribbon tied to her neck, a short sleeved shirt with a heart and a line in the middle. Ties a jacket around her waist and wears shorts.
Short Personality: Lazy, laid-back, cheerful
Crush: N/A
In any ships?: non
Relationship Status, if taken then with who?: single
Other Relationships: London Turner (buddy)
Related To: Kusatta Meiji (feMALE DAD), Akeno Kuji (mom), Kusatta Maro (big bro), Kusatta Aurora (big sis)
Other: Has a urge to steal stuff. (Kleptomania)


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boopy boop booop
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello.. I'm WinterJulyRach..

I have...a few nicknames.. Rachel.. Rach...Winter..

My.. main human character is Ashton 'Rachelle' Charlton, and the character who represents me as a admin in the human universe is Edlyn, my real name.

For object.. my main object character is heart sticker...and the character who represents me as a admin in the object universe is Winter Julys...

My.. internet sister is JaneNoLongerCares

practish by WinterJulyRach

Most proud artwork!

..You can.. stalk me..but.. I don't recomend you..…

current mood:

mood swings

ogm lookit dat ego by JaneNoLongerCares omg a stamp by JaneNoLongerCares


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