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The First Lights

Continuation of The End of a Revolution

Celestia's Sun snuffs out the final embers of hope for the rebellion,

For many, the light signals hope,

But for many more, her rays inspire despair, guilt, and anger,

Rebellious Thestrals captured the night before can now only wait to discover their fates at the hooves of the ponies they betrayed...

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Happy spook month ya nerd! First thing's first, I love how this is a continuation of a previous project you completed! I must say that this is definitely a really nice piece, but of course, gotta do the critique thing, so here we go!

First, lets talk about the lighting! Overall I like the lighting but I simply can't say anything is really... I don't know... special about? It works with the scene, other than a lack in fill lights where fill lights should be and the vol. light being a bit too perfect and narrow. I suppose other than that, the lighting is pretty solid.

As far as composition goes, everything is pretty great! It has a nice balance and interesting bits no matter where you look, now if only we could see it a little better...

Camera work is a bit, well, boring. It works well for the piece, but it doesn't offer any real interesting angle to the situation.

Posing is always top notch as well as the character design and editing of said characters! Love it!

All and all, I find this piece to not be one of your greatest, but definitely belongs up there! Good work Wintergleam! I look forward to seeing more from ya!