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(SFM/Gmod) 'Lone Digger' Bank Map



:iconyaasho: has given me permission to release the bank map I made for his "Lone Digger" animation. If you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out!



I've included two versions: lit and unlit. The preview image and animation itself were made using the unlit version of the map.

The screenshots below were taken on the lit version of the map.

20170806014242 1 by Wintergleam  20170806014251 1 by Wintergleam  20170806014311 1 by Wintergleam  20170806014322 1 by Wintergleam  20170806014228 1 by Wintergleam  20170806014219 1 by Wintergleam 


Known issues

Unlit Version Only
Due to the high number of brushes, if you use the unlit version of the map, try to avoid using lights that cover surfaces that are out-of-frame. SFM has an odd bug where only a certain number of brush (level geometry) faces can be lit, before the additional faces are rendered completely black. If you see this happening, try lowering the FoV and Maxdistance of the light to only light what you need to be lit.

Lit Version Only
You may notice a building's shadow seems to disappear along the road. This is caused from the actual map transitioning into the 3d skybox.

Both Versions
In Gmod, you may notice that the carpet sounds like metal when you step on it. 

The wooden trim on the walls inside the bank are broken. I have no idea what is causing this, as it was fine in the animation, and fine in the editor. It isn't exactly noticeable though.

There is an unused, dark basement floor behind the tellar counters. This was intended to be the original vault in the animation. The actual vault used needs to be 'noclipped' to, and is located directly under the original vault.

If you see a fiery-red glow on some surfaces in SFM, or a odd white/purple-and-black glow in Gmod, type "Buildcubemaps" into the console. SFM must be restarted after running this command.

I pakratted the models used in the map best I could, but if you encounter any missing textures/ models, the map uses resources from Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Day of Defeat. Download these content packs to (hopefully) fix the issue.



The carpet texture is from Overwatch, extracted and was converted from this pack -…
(Everything else is stock Valve assets)
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Man what a great song.