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What is a pony, dear Applejack?
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You've outdone yourself yet again Wintergleam. From this posters theme, to its usage of light and color, I love it all! But! This wouldn't necessarily be a critique if I just spouted positive and didn't bring in the negative as well. So! With that said, lets get started.

Your usage of lighting is wonderful, the scene is perfect, and the camera work and focus is well placed. Though there are some kinks that are sorta bothersome for me. First things first, is some quirks with lighting. The vol. lighting looks a bit too strong in some points, but a bit too weak in others, not to mention despite the windows being next to each other, they seem to be going in different directions, though I understand what you were trying to do with it.

Character placement, as I said is pretty great, same goes with camera work, but some of the effects you deployed kinda take me out of the picture. When I look around, I want to take in the atmosphere that surrounds the focus, but the blur kinda... takes me out of it. Not to mention the weird shadow caste on the back of AJ There.

The idea behind this is splendid and I don't have a single problem with it!

Overall, I would have to say amazing work Wintergleam! Definitely one of my favorites!