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Oh hey! Its me again, look at that! To start off, as usual, I'll cover my overall opinion on it, which is nevertheless great! The scene is absolutely superb and the lighting is wonderful, though it has *some* flaws that I'd like to get into!

The scene laid out is perfectly! Everything from the run down mansion to the overgrown grass patches on the sides of the path that lead to the character bring it all together! I DO think this poster could do with some more vegetation, as far as trees and shrubs go, but I digress!

Now lets talk about lighting! Lighting is a bit... odd in this piece and I don't think it fits the sky that well. The sky box shown above is big and ominous and would show to emit a more of a bluish-white light from the center, projecting on the house and the character, but instead the light that it COULD be producing is completely neglected and instead in its place is a out of view sunset-esque style of light coming from the left. This light isn't bad at all! I just don't think it fits the scene too well. Maybe if the sky box was different, but I, once again, digress from that. The rim light is a bit weird, as it seems a bit too bright given the lighting, maybe if it was a notch darker and tinted a bit more to fit the lighting color it would fit, but it more or less is a bit awkward.

Overall I find the lighting good, maybe even great, but not the best ^^"

Camera work is perfect for this shot, focusing in more on the gates leading into the courtyard of this place, it allows the eyes to sorta walk into the gate, shifting from the character, to the house, then to the skybox. Very fitting!

Overall, the poster isn't my favorite one you've done, but its certainly great!

Good job Wintergleam!