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Forging a Plan


    Personal Journal -- Elegy
    Paragon Building, Vanhoover

    The maps we got off that trader were legit. Led to an old Ministry of Arcane Sciences staging area near the bay. Security was standard for that sorta' place. Magical energy turrets alongside a few loony robots. Nothing we couldn't handle. Scav was standard fare as well -- energy weapons, ammo, chems, potions... you know the drill. The real prize was buried in some scorched documents. Reports from another Ministry station to the far north, simply labelled '2219'.

    Most of the papers were covered in black ink. That immediately caught my eye. Letters bound for this mystery outpost were immediate requests for "Prototypes" to be sent to the Ministry of Wartime Technology in Canterlot. Prototypes. That were meant to be sent to the Ministry of Wartime Technology. What were they developing out there? Some kind of weapon? Power source? Combat drug? Must have been something they thought would be worth mass-producing. It could have been some kind of new megaspell for all we know.

    This could be the break that we've been looking for! If that request was never sent, that means whatever those scientists were developing is most likely still there. 
    We'll need to secure some kind of aircraft to get us there. Too far through too harsh of terrain to reach any other way. Looks like the ponies back then were aware of this as well; pre-war maps show a blue-ice airfield located not far from the outpost. I know a mare who knows a mare. Dashite. Might be able to set us up with something..


So, I'm planning on changing the direction of my unnamed series following the Crystal Pony, Elegy. The main change will be to the storytelling. Unlike The Frozen North (which follows a more traditional comic structure) and the Lunar Revolution (which is told through story vignettes), this series' story will be told via found documents and messages. Think Fallout-style terminal entries, and you're about there. In the near-future I'll be updating the descriptions of the previous entries in this series with some new content. So yeah! Stay tuned for that.

(And to eliminate any potential confusion, this series has absolutely no connection to the aforementioned Frozen North)

(Also, please forgive any issues in quality in the other entries in the series. This is my longest-running image set, and as such, some of the older entries may not be up to the same quality standards as my more recent works.)


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PipbuckStable 2 Barding [DL]
Stable BardingFoE New Pegasus Pack [DL]
Fallout Props[DL] SFM-compatible props for your FOE Needs
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Thanks :iconxenia-amata: for letting me use your OC as a background character!
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