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Arrival of the Sky City


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Most ground-dwelling ponies only ever catch the occasional errant radio broadcast from the elusive Sky City. Only a lucky few will spot it as it drifts gracefully, and uncaringly, over the scarred post-war land.

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The Heartlands is a dieselpunk-inspired story told through vignettes, following the lives of various ponies living in the wake of a devastating mechanized Civil War.

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There's just something about this poster.. that brings back memories..

good memories none the less. 

I used to walk down a path when I lived in Rhode Island, The setting looked very similar to this. Nothing at all was modern, streets were made of stone, and houses were old. Just observing the setting in your poster, actually came about bring flashbacks.

I'd love to go back to my old home and once again walk amongst the same path. Perhaps someday soon.