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TLK: Three Daughters of Scar

This are three OC-Daughters of Scar. 

From left to right:
GizaLatifa and Abeni just doing lioness-business. 

I love all three of them! Giza looks so strong and Scar-like, Latifa has that beautiful dark red fur and Abeni looks damn sexy and ladylike! 

Aren't they beautiful??? Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Giza and Abeni (c) Korrontea
Latifa (c) me
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They're beautiful <3
yoloitsnix's avatar
I love it alot they have the same style, but such different features! I quite enjoy this, adding it to my favorites now *-*
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Awh! Thank you very much!! Hug Thank you over all for your comments! :happybounce: Heart  I'm always happy when I see another comment from you on my pics! Haha!

Yeah! Their Designs are great! Specially Giza! Korrontea did so great with both of her girls. I'm glad I've catched them right! 
yoloitsnix's avatar
Haha Your very welcome!! I'm very happy you enjoy my comments, I always think that I'm a nuisance to you for commenting so much haha.

You've captured them purrfectly (Slight pun, haha)  
Winterfell-KP's avatar
Noooo! You're not!!!!!! Nuu 
I love it, when people interpret and talk about my drawings! I'm always curious what they think about them! :happybounce: 
This is why I'm in TLK so much, cause there are soooooo damn many interesting theories!
And...I love to hear different opinions and I'm not angry or personally hurt when people give me critic! On the opposite, I love it!
Other eyes see mistakes that I don't see.

Purrfectly! HAHA! Made my day! w00t! I'll remember that one! Heart Heart Heart 
Korrontea's avatar
Sonic Emoticon #5 Sanskit Birb intensifies 
They look sooo GREAT!
And you get their behavior so right! Abeni is a lazy one sometimes and Giza would groom all of her siblings restless (Simba especially)!

Thank you so much!Hug 

I will try to make something with them too!

Sorry if my english is a bit poor... 
Korrontea's avatar
They are now my new descop btw :D
Winterfell-KP's avatar
Thank you too! I'm so happy you like them! Heart Heart Heart 
They look very great together! :happybounce: 
Haha! Thats cool! I love their personalities! 

Haha, no problem, mine's worse. I understand you very well! That counts! :)
Haven't had English lessons for nearly 10 years now... Wink/Razz 

I've sent you a note for a Version without watermark for your personal use!
I'm excited to see what you'll come up with for that hot ladies! Heart 
Korrontea's avatar
Here it goes!
Thanks for the note!

It's 7th year of English but all I really know and use I lerned from Internet, (thanks fanfiction!).
Same for German but it's already my 11th year with it *switches to german* aber Ich bin nicht so gut... Sweating a little... 
Winterfell-KP's avatar
You're welcome! 

Haha! You're pretty good I think! At least what I can tell yet! Hug 
German is pretty tough to learn so far I know, so don't push yourself! 

Cool! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass man in Polen Deutsch in der Schule lernt. Man lernt nie aus! :D (Big Grin) 
Korrontea's avatar
Thanks, Danke and/ und Dziękuje (xD)!

Languages can be pretty tough, especially when one has to keep up with other subjects but I'm trying my best! :D

Ja, wir lernen Deutsch, Ich war in Deutschland ein paar Male aber English ist einfacher fur mich. :)
Winterfell-KP's avatar
Haha! Nice!
Yeah, that's right! Nod 
We're sadly only learning English in School... Wish there would be more languages. As a teen/kid you'll learn them more faster than as an adult. I ever want to learn more but never got time to ... Disbelief 
How do you like Germany? I think most People here look very grumpy and unfriendly... :shifty: Hihi! Love that green blob... he looks so grumpy.
Korrontea's avatar
Really like it there.;) (Wink) 
I have a cousins living there as well. They are Half-Polish, Half-German (I really don't know how to type it properly... The blob is cute btw Love ).
I think if had the chance I would go to Germany more often. 

Every thing seems to be cheper there. I'm stingy... Sweating a little... 
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