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Suicide Prevention - One Hundred Positives of Me
1) I write ok poetry.
2) I'm losing weight.
3) I'm literate.
4) I enjoy sharing food and money.
5) I have some friend-ish people at school.
6) I can make funny jokes sometimes.
7) Sometimes I'm a hard worker.
8) I enjoy learning.
9) I enjoy reading fiction and fantasy.
10) I know some pretty cool stuff about memorization.
11) I got a 7 out of 9 on an AP English Essay one time.
12) ...I can't really think of anything else.
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Hate describes your Love
As children, we played
As children, we talked.
As older children,
Together, we walked.
And now, as young adults,
Alone we stand,
No longer together,
No hand-in-hand.
Merely because of my personality,
You push me away.
You refuse to interact.
You constantly turn your back.
You seem to still love me,
I'd like to think you still care.
But the truth is that simply,
Your love is not there.
Your love is a habit.
Your jokes are a game.
You chase me like a wolf after a rabbit,
And I hide my face in shame.
Independence is a fierce and pretty beast,
But be careful not to live even more for
Yourself, never to speak of God, or anyone else.
You think yourself so mighty, and wonderful,
When the truth really is, you are
terroristic, and terrible.
If I killed myself, you'd be at my funeral.
Your tears may even be genuine.
-But that will never conceal the truth,
That afterward, you'd live for yourself again.
Die, tragic hate-er,
Die with regrets and in vain.
And die knowing that those who loved you,
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Something of Whimsy
It was a dark and stormy night.
I felt a-shiver with the cold and the fright.
I looked before me and, lo, I beheld a blight!
This blight was filled with things of all
Unpleasant manner.
It stunk and oozed with a terrible clamor.
Said I, "What have we now? Unacceptable!
This simply won't do!
I'll simply refurbish you
With something more edible."
And there I dug, and I scrubbed, and I
Toiled myself away.
Long and hard did I work,
That night and next day!
'Round noon that same day,
I finished my project.
So fine was my work,
The old Governor himself would laud it!
And here I heard a strange cry,
The sound of something shriveled and dry.
"Ah!" It seemed to say,
"What manner of heinous misfortune has harried my way!"
Befuddled, I spun-
Only to witness a boar bathed in the sun.
Naturally, with furrowed brow I looked and scoured,
confused as to who's statement was uttered so soured.
"Here!" Said the boar, "Act as though you have some courtesy and answer my call!
Are you, with shovel, the one
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Ode Til Dden
Sweetest of releases
Most blessed of covers
Hear me now in my cold-bitten thesis.
I hear ye from afar
Calling out my name
As though I know who ye are.
And I do.
Fear me, it says, cast away all reason.
Tempt me and push me in all the four seasons,
And I'll call for thee
Sweeping and washing, I'll crawl to thee.
I know not to fear ye in spite of your scorn.
It be not Helvete what awaits me,
But Himmel on high!
Even louder than Død calls Gud from the sky!
So Død, fear ye I do not.
Fordi det er forelsket at jeg synger og priser Herren!
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Susy Sally Sierra Tango Tetris by winterfate101 Susy Sally Sierra Tango Tetris :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 0 0
Mature content
I want to live :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 0
Mature content
Valcony :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 0 0
Mature content
You I :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 2
Mature content
My Perfect Day :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 0
I'm A White Boy Beauty Has No Race
A pitch black dove
My sweetheart's got my love
Can't nothing stop us
We're like a hurricane in the tropics.
Flipping and whipping and trailing my girl
She's got my mind spinning, you know
She's my midnight swirl.
Everything is possible
Nothing is im
Burnin' her hot like she my midnight oil on brim
You know we're unstoppable!
She bounces like a rubber ball
Temptin' me to lust and fall
But we're putting a ring on it sweetly
Consummation you know will follow immediately.
Let it be known
There are few flavors as savor
Let it be shown
Chocolate takes the throne.
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Emerging from the oozing cess
It sees you with its bleeding eyes
It mourns those you call the best
The devils in disguise
You know they say, "You reap what you sow"
But what will be reaped when there is nothing to show?
Watch from your parapets
Your towers of righteous greed
And feel me rip out your ugly heart
And see you on your knees!
Laughing and screaming and dying all the way
It's kind of funny to see you screw another day.
I'll be aiding your demise,
so, Enjoy your devils in disguise,
I'll see you in the pits of darkness
And make your true thoughts writhe.
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I Met a Man Who Sang
I met a man once.
He sang me a tale of the great and heroic
Of fiery men, hard and stoic
And women quick-witted, chilled to the bone
Of their beauty an' love and deeds far from home.
He sang me a tale of the blood spilled and boiled
Of the children dying and the work that was toiled
Of the pain and the tears
And the many, many, many years.
I met a man once who sang me a tale–
Of passions and eyes and hearts all gone stale!
This man singing, he asked me,
"Now when did ye ever see such a tragedy?"
I asked the good man what cause lent this farce-
And he told me, "The killing of some innocent, who's knowledge was scarce."
I remember it to this day, his tale is true
That tale of what sunk in the cold deep deep blue.
His tale was fierce, it was brave, and it tore.
It tore from the hearts of both heroes and scorn.
This tale, THIS tale is a tale-
This tale is a tale
Of War.
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Untitled by winterfate101 Untitled :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 0 0 Untitled by winterfate101 Untitled :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 0 Untitled by winterfate101 Untitled :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 0 Untitled by winterfate101 Untitled :iconwinterfate101:winterfate101 1 0


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