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TheShitArtist Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Hello fellow artist :wave: , I want to ask for your permission to borrow your artwork for an art project. Before you say “NO” I’ll give you a few details about it.

This project is an animation that will be finished in approximately 7 months (by February 2012). You will be FULLY accredited for your artwork (with added links to your website and deviant account for people to see). This animation will appear in both YouTube and DeviantArt – links to the video will be sent to you.

What part would your artwork play in this? Your artwork would appear briefly as decoration for an artist’s bedroom (amongst art by other artists).

If you decline this offer I will respect your decision and will definitely NOT use your artwork. The reason why I think this may be beneficial for you is that, in the case of success for this animation you will probably gain more followers and views (which is always a good thing :w00t: ).

Good day and I hope you weren’t offended
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