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I Love dA!


So here i am once again with all my small journal entries.
I made my first poll yesterday! :clap::clap::clap:
I had no idea that many people would be interested in polling, I am happy with this new subscription.
All the new things that I am able to do make talking to people on dA so much easier! I wish that everyone could have a subscription but in a sense that is probably not possible.
Once again, thanks to mombeam and Moonbeam13
Here is the list of commissions

1. My choice avatar for :dev:DaV1nc1:
2. (undecided) beautyfulgrace Finished
3.(see below) for dbestarchitect Finished
4."boogying" green emote for Vanaliel Finished
5. flaling emote avatar for MoonShotPhotos Finished
6. psycho emote avatar for irient Finished

7. a cute little sasuke uchiha avatar for Aleatoire09
8. Purple emote avatar for bunkingum

I really want to see more from this artist. The photographs are of really great quality and the digital deviations are very smooth and really detailed. Go check him out right now!
Zingo soda by jumert My first LP  - coke by jumert
Thumb.gifAmazed for
I picked three Daily Deviations for today:
"Maelstrom" byBrokeNL is exquisetly beautiful. I absolutely love the colors and textures in this piece.
Maelstrom by BrokeNL

"Fragments of Peace" by :devautmnphyre: is such a delicate piece. I absolutely love the contrast of the focus.
Fragments of Peace by AutumnPhyre

"Sausage Love" by weirdink. I love this vector and I was hungry when I saw this and after doing so I went to my kitchen and ate a hotdog.

Mature Content

Sausage Love by weirdink

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:iconprettyplz: :lmao:
I want a subbie too... :giggle:
Oh well :3
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Ahoy! Thanks so much for the feature

whimsical regards

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You should feature one deviant every week :D that's what I do
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That's what im doing!
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