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Heterochromia Melody



owo alright so this is my Baby Rabbit Melody originally Mello xD till we found out she's a She. So recently I noticed that Melody has 2 colors in her eyes 0w0 turns out she has Heterochromia Her type of Heterochromia is known as Sectoral heterochromia.

For those who dont know Sectoral heterochromia occurs when there are two different colors in the same iris, a splash of a second color that’s different from the dominant hue. In this case melody's Eyes are Brown with Blue Grey All of her other siblings Have Solid Brown eyes so Out of 5 this one girl is very unique xD

I myself have a type of Heterochromia tho mine is called Central Heterochromia.
My Central heterochromia is solid Blue Grey eyes with Hazel or brown Rings centered around my Iris
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Beautiful! One of my rabbits also has marble eyes.