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                                                          Pixel Rose Divider - Bright Red  Hey guys, it's been a really long time hasn't it? Pixel Rose Divider - Bright Red  
    I know I haven't uploaded much; which is why I suppose I'm creating this Journal as a sort of update. I've always been sort of reluctant to upload my art, not being confident enough in my art style. This is coupled with numerous health related issues. Maybe someday I'll have enough energy and confidence enough to upload- but that simply isn't the case as of yet. That doesn't mean I don't check up on this account however. I do check my notes and such so do send me a note if you wish to speak with me! When I do start uploading again, prepare for a lot of art of my OCs. Maybe I'll do a couple of writing based things as well! I guess I just wanted to say thanks to those that stuck around despite my inactivity.Fox emoji - hearts