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Battles of the Ages

Civil War by Winter-Phantom, visual art

Winnie's 40th Happy Birthday Poem by Winter-Phantom, literature

The Ultimate Battle

Dou-Jie Civil War by Winter-Phantom, visual art

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Star Wars Mega Collection by Winter-Phantom, visual art

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Danny's Full Avatar Collection by Winter-Phantom, visual art

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Danny's Full Sonic Collection by Winter-Phantom, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Dec 23, 1987
  • United States
  • Deviant for 13 years
My Bio

I'm just your everyday Colombian-Irish American, Roman Catholic, Democratic, Star Wars-Avatar: Airbender+Korra-Marvel-Cubs Fan, Dog Person from Chicago! πŸ˜ƒ

Home City: The Great City of Sweet Home Chicago; at the very edge close to the Suburbs

Favorite/Hair/Eye/Skin/Blood Color: Purple/Black/Dark-Brown "Black"/Light-Tan/Red duh lol

Height: 5'6"

Blood Type: O+

Vision: 20:20 (Never needed glasses), Full Color Vision πŸ˜ƒ

IQ: 130

Brain Type: Aspergers

Love Orientation: Straight, I mostly fantasize about women from the waist up.

Birth Place: Oak Park, Illinois (a Chicago suburb); same birth place as McDonald's Founder Ray Kroc.

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Half Colombian/Hispanic, Half Irish/White (though personality wise, I lean far more White than Hispanic)

Religion: Christian, specifically Roman Catholic (I am Irish afterall, lol, pretty must all Irish are Catholics)

Political Party: Democratic, but not far-left. Truthfully on a scale between Trump and Pelosi, I learn far closer to Trump like I can't even see Pelosi

Physical Skills: Fast walker, can travel long distances and constantly faster than almost everyone around me. Good swimmer, can swim at a constant low depth, like a sting ray; always wears a black tee shirt and blue trunks, makes me feel like an underwear commando, lol. Horseback riding, the basics, walk, run and "Stop eating random plants!" (Pull up)

Best Friend: Winnie Wang, a beautiful Chinese woman in Tokyo, Japan

Dog Person or Cat Person: Dog Person :D

Pro Life or Pro Choice: Pro Life

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs

Drink: No, not often, most alcohol is just too strong for my taste

Smoke: Never. I can't understand why anyone would voluntarily choose to destroy their lungs like that.

Favorite Season: Winter . . . Duh, it's in my name, Winter-Phantom, lol

Covid Vax Status: Unvaxed and unmasked. My choice, I refuse to get an injection that is clearly politically motivated. Up yours, Fauci . . .

Why Winter-Phantom, what does that mean to you: The reason I joined DeviantArt many years ago, I was inspired by someone I knew at Triton (the one person I fear the most, lol), because of how amazingly talented she is, more than anyone I've ever met.

Other than Winter being my favorite Season and Phantom because Danny Phantom (my name being Danny, lol), I chose "Winter-Phantom" because it's based on her DeviantArt name and I've always looked up to her (even when I chose not to act like it) πŸ˜ƒ

*Winter/Half of her name being something that falls in the Winter

*Phantom/Half of her name being another word for Phantom

(Yeah, I'm not going to say her DeviantArt name, in case anyone wishes to blab this to her, lol)

Favourite Movies
Star Wars Hexalogy
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
John Williams, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Crush 40
Favourite Games
Sonic the Hedgehog
Tools of the Trade
PC, Paint Brush Workshop (Paint), Microsoft Word (for resizing pictures), my camera

Warriors of Heart

Winnie and Danny, Best Friends

A New Year, Looking Back . . .

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Life Journal DD-1401: Traveler Transmitting . . . Well, hard to believe on been on DeviantArt for the past 13 years. Not much going on, editing new videos, seeing new movies, over the past month, I am now a major fan of the A Quiet Place franchise, saw the first movie, loved it and caught the 2nd movie in theaters before it was pulled out πŸ˜ƒ Now they're starting to lift the mask mandate for those who got vaxed . . . but how would they know if someone without a mask hasn't been vaxed . . . 🀫 :3 Been working hard on my YouTube videos, and it's going great having my own channel, even if I don't get many views, just the feeling of having a YouTube channel for the past year now has really been a great feeling. I mean I've had the channel for like a decade now (it's my MAIN account ever since I first had a YouTube account) and uploaded little videos here and there, but it's been a year now that's I've REALLY stepped up in making videos πŸ™‚ And now I'm working on a new gameplay video
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Nearing A New Chapter

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Life Journal DD-1306: Traveler Transmitting . . . Wow, hard to believe today it has been 12 years since I saw what I thought I'd never see in a million years . . . :3 Classes are going great, today I had to preform my final presentation, and I was nervous, but in the end, it all went great :D Now I'm signing up for the final courses I need for next fall, looking forward to it :) Still working on Sonic World and Sonic Forces videos on my YouTube channel. Not a lot of views, but hey, a few now and then are better than nothing, I'm just glad to be finally trying my hand out at YouTube videos after over a decade of watching them :) I have a blast making them and I feel no thoughts of fear holding me back :D Well, other than the fear that a certain older-taller German-descent girl (who's an even more hardcore Sonic fan than I am; truthfully, she's one of my biggest inspiration) might find my YouTube channel one day and completely destroy me in a long-winded anger-filled rant
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40 years, wow . . .

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Life Hill Journal DD-1305: Traveler Transmitting . . . So life is going great. I'm still working on my next Sonic Forces video, and even made this intro with three of my fan characters πŸ™‚ Hard to believe my best friend Winnie is now 40. Wow, time really goes by . . . Life is precious, you have to enjoy it and always hang on to those you love the most πŸ˜ƒ End Transmission . . .
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South Island at War

War of the Green Hill Zone

Full Sonic Collection (as of 2017)

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Thank you for the fave!

You're welcome :D

When are you going to do Mandalorian?

I mostly just make posters for movies, but since the Mandalorian is epic, I probably will wait for the series to finish, and then just make an overall poster for it :D

Merry Christmas Merry christmas everybody Santa fella (Universe) Pika Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Christmas Classic Sonic Merry Christmas sign Christmas- Plusle Christmas- Minun and Happy New Year too:HappyNewYear: