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Winter City #5 Pin up - Wayne Nichols



Winter City - Issue 4 Cover




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Winter City is a twelve part, suspenseful, thrilling crime drama that takes the reader deep into the damaged mind of a psychopathic vigilante and uncovers the truth behind his twisted quest for revenge.

Company Overview
Winter City Productions is a comic book publishing company that is focused and committed to the end-to-end creation and promotion of the twelve part Winter City comic book series.

During the coldest winter on record, in one of the country's most corrupt cities, seven men will die. Every sin has a price and Sam Winters is coming to collect.

No longer the man he was, no longer a husband, no longer a father. Sam has fallen over the edge of sanity and into a dark, twisted reality where he truly believes that he is Death incarnate on a mission to claim the blood debt from the evil that is destroying the world.

As Sam Winters claims his vengeful retribution from the vile criminals who destroyed everything that mattered, Sam's sociopathic tendencies are revealed through a retrospective look into an abusive childhood, a violent adolescence, and a nurturing love affair that ends in a climactic tragedy.

The city has a new law and those who choose a life of sin will be brutally punished. Every sin has a price.

Winter City is a suspenseful, thrilling crime drama that will take the reader deep into the damaged mind of a psychopathic vigilante and uncover the truth behind his twisted quest for revenge.

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Pretty Big Todd McFarlan Fan
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Aliens, Batman Begins & Dark Knight, The Avengers, Anything Pixar
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Too many to name
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Dark Souls, Demons Souls, Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2
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Comics, Movies, PS3, Drawing, Computer programming

COMPETITION WINNERS - Winter City / Wayne Nichols

COMPETITION WINNERS - Winter City / Wayne Nichols

Well... That was SO GREAT!!! Seriously, all the entires looked superb... BIG THANKS to everyone who sent in their art... We are so very humbled by the incredible amount of effort put in and we really hope that next time we run a competition you'll get involved! Now, it really was very tricky choosing the top 4. So tricky in fact that we've decided to go a top 5 instead :)) Yay! Without further ado, we've taken long so long to get here, so I wont waste any more time, here are the top 5. WINNER :thumb346940700: Juan U 01 Winner Gets - Their image, with full credits, included in every digital and print copy of Winter City #5. - Two sets



-= COMPETITION NOW CLOSED =- ~FlowComa ( Wayne Nichols ( An incredible artist and super nice guy, has provided us our pin-up page for Winter City #5, due out early 2013. It's an incredibly cool piece. The only thing missing is a splash of paint! :thumb337995656: :thumb338300775: :thumb338489521: :thumb338680776: :thumb339579398: :thumb339636163: :thumb340097942: :thumb340124698: :thumb342396299: :thumb340229222: :thumb340439834: :thumb340927038: :thumb340958387: :thumb341097215: :thumb342112423: :thumb342179659: :thumb342152140: :thumb342721180: :thumb346935364: :thumb346936010: :thumb346937074: :thumb344456758: :thumb

Winter City Issue 4 Available Now

Winter City Issue 4 Available Now

It's been a long time since I updated this page. Winter City wouldn't exist without Deviant Art and its amazing community. I REALLY need to bump it up the priority list.... Starting now! So much has been happening in Winter City land since the start of 2012. We've got our books in stores, online, on iPad and Android tablets. we've had in store signing days, features in news papers, youtube interviews... Man, what an awesome year! Best of all has been the amazing fan feedback we've received. There is no greater feeling than having one's creation enjoyed and praised by so many people around the world. It's still very early days for Winter Cit

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BlackboardedHobbyist Writer

Hey Guys,


It's great to see Aussie talent out there. I read the 1st issue and enjoyed it. The story and panels flowed well. It has a "sin-city/30 days of night" feel to it. Nice dark atmosphere. Well done!

Hey there! Thanks for reading!

Sorry I'm a bit slow replying to you. I'll admit, I do not log into DA as much as I should, and used to. Probably time to add more Art, also.

Where you from?

BlackboardedHobbyist Writer
Hey PatP,

No worries on the reply. 

I'm from Sydney. My friend and I are currently working on a graphic novel project of our own. Seeing other Aussie artists succeed in this field is great, especially when its not a big industry here. Its all about American comics which im a bit tired of. 

Anyways, best of luck with "Winter City."


Awesome! Get on with it and give it everything you got. It's a big job and actually finishing a book is only half the battle. Definitely something you have to have a passion for - and some thick skin.

North America makes many great comics, but as you say, it is a huge shame that the Aussie consumer is so obsessed with foreign books and movies when we have a really thriving scene here at the moment.

I'm also Sydney based. We'll be at Sydney SupaNova. If you're going, stop by and say G'day.

Thanks & Cheers.
frengethesagaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the help!
I've recently picked up all 6 copies of Winter City at Kings Comics, I've Really loved it so far :) it's Dark and Grim and it draws me in knowing what's going to happen next

plus I found out your a Sydney local too

I can't wait for more, and consider me a fan
Wow! Thanks for the feedback! So glad you liked the comics! More issues to come.

And yup, 50% of the team is Sydney based so we'll be seeing you at Supanova Soon? I hope!