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Brown Coats Forever

Firefly inspired design

Wanted to go for a country 'n western belt buckle kinda vibe

BUY --> [link]
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Hi. Is there a chance to get the logo without the wooden backround? It´s for a x-mas-gift :)
Thx ... Dom
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They had this design for a t-shirt on Qwertee, which I bought and it is my favorite shirt. I love it.
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That's what's up
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Shiney. Browncoat pride!
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Oh my God! :love: I SO must have this t-shirt ...
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This is fabulous! I love the Firefly series & the movie Serenity.
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Oh man, I'd love to have that on a t-shirt! Great design.
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Now that, right there, is a mighty fine shirt and wallpaper! How's about you get on that? ;)
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I want the shirt. *Grabby Hands* D:
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HELL YES!!! I would also LOVE this as a wallpaper. Great job!
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It would be super-cool if you were to somehow able to make this into a belt buckle! :la:
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Hmm. You used a different Chinese character from the series. The first character, I mean.

Oh well, it still means serenity anyway but if you used the word from the series, it further cements the serenity meaning.
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This is MASTERFUL. You capture the motif really well. It's nice to see a somewhat less serious take on the 'verse. It has that cool vintage feel to it.
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Looking forward to an update on the tee :)
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I gotta get a shirt like this.
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Looking forward to an update on the shirt, i would totally buy one.
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boosh! i love it!!!
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Yay browncoats! :dummy:
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I want that on my browncoat.
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you should put it up on threadless! :D
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