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Nikki Magic-Card by Captain-Pyro
WifL Counter Magic-Cards by Captain-Pyro
Du Magic-Card by Captain-Pyro
Equipment Magic-Card 3 by Captain-Pyro
WIFL ROUND 1 - chance_myr by Devonition
Hinja vs Stupid Moose by simpleCOMICS
WIFL Mick vs Kokita by NandemoKandemoComics
WIFL - Kokita vs Marsh+Mallow by Hexaditidom
WIFL Fanart
Deep Space by Pandachu
Fun Time by Captain-Pyro
WIFL T3 Dawson Means War.. by ohTHATsean
Comic Battles
Pyro vs. Byrrit - Epic battle by Captain-Pyro
SA WIFL Mick Wabunski vs Gar.. by ohTHATsean
Mick vs Kankles by Headsmellspuppys
ILtB- WIFL by Headsmellspuppys
Mirror Match by fr33z3dry
Smash Bros Tribute
Zero Suit Kokita by Captain-Pyro
Mario Wabunski by Captain-Pyro
Stupid Mooth by Captain-Pyro
Toonja by Captain-Pyro
Move Charts
Totems Move Chart by Headsmellspuppys
Stupid Moose Move Set by TheStupidSuperHero
Support Posters
Stupid For A Change by RBComics25
Stupid BAD Vote 4 Him by RBComics25

Mature Content

Kokita Won by Dr-Toszi
Vote for the WIFL Girls by Dr-Toszi
Defeated Magnus by stuartmcghee
The Top Hat by Julien-C
WIFL Minik by zxephin
Worm-Hole Exit by Pandachu
WIFL Action Figures by simpleCOMICS
Card Game
Dag Magic-Card by Captain-Pyro