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I hope everyone had a great 2015 and I hope everyone will have a great 2016 and beyond! Sooner or later, we'll get around to another tournament.

Here's to the future!
I'm sorry for this, guys. But my job has informed me that we're going to have and unusually high volume of work for the upcoming holiday season this year and offered me (essentially) unlimited overtime between now and the end of January. It's an opportunity I can't turn down and with the printing work that's already started coming in, I can tell you I'm going to be too busy to manage another WIFL tournament right now. I really am very sorry, you guys.

I know a bunch of you have been following me for a long time and will understand my circumstances. But for those of you who don't know me very well, I apologize for making a terrible first impression with you.

Update: We currently have six volunteer artists to illustrate battle art for WIFL. Fortunately most are willing to do 2 or more. We will need at least 20 illustrations to be covered. Please let me know if you're willing to do an illustration.

Battle Art Illustrations So Far:
:iconominousmoonblast: x2
:iconssbfreak: x3
:iconbluebottleflyer: x2
:iconhankinstein: x1
:iconsmithandcompanytoons: x3
:iconreverseimaku: x1
:iconsimplecomics: x?
Original Blog
Now we need volunteers to illustrate WIFL's "Battle Art"! This is always my favorite part of the tournaments. The way it works is I mark you down as an illustrator. Once the characters are paired off, I'll send you a note with two character ref pages and you illustrate those two characters battling it out however you like. Here are several examples from previous tournaments to give you an idea:
WIFL - Oldman vs Met-al by Hexaditidom WIFL - Billy vs. Chikn by hankinstein WIFL Charles vs Wildcard by stuartmcghee Ryan VS Dag by fr33z3dry WIFL_Teddae_vs_Boogeyman by Hemlocks Tamara vs. Mick by Captain-Pyro WIFL: Minik vs Shane-Us McKin by Pyro-Rachel WIFL: Frankenbunny vs Mr. Mustache by Pandachu Hex vs. Sheepy by hankinstein WIFL T3 Dawson Means War.. by ohTHATsean
Some are humorous and some are action-packed. It's your decision how you want to illustrate the battle. The only thing is you won't illustrate your own character.

This tournament will feature a little over 20 illustrations. So I need volunteers. You interested?
We currently have 16 participants. That is enough to have a full tournament with nearly twice as many rounds as usual, taking the "Losing Matches" into account. I personally don't want this tournament to be particularly enormous because I simply don't have the free time I used to with the old tournaments. So unless I start getting a lot of sudden requests to join, I think we'll just stick with 16 for this tournament. (And who knows, maybe it will generate enough interest to have another one before long.)

So that means this is our roster for T6! Now it's time for you guys to choose the characters you want to enter into the tournament. Please post a comment on this blog entry with a link to a good reference for this character. That linked image will be what the artists will refer to for the Battle Art.

01. :iconsmithandcompanytoons: - TINA
02. :icondanlei: - VALO
03. :iconhankinstein: - FELIX
04. :iconbluebottleflyer: - FLYER
05. :iconssbfreak: - OLIG
06. :icongus-val: - LADY GEGE
07. :iconpunx193: - SAGE
08. :icontinyhammer: - DRAKE
09. :iconominousmoonblast: - JAMES FERGO
10. :iconaustoon: - ROBBY THE ROBOT
11. :iconreverseimaku: - DOLL
12. :icona7ac4ma:
13. :iconflashlight237: - THE QUEEN ANT
14. :iconndbag: - NDBAG
15. :icongeoffryhawk: - JARDON
16. :iconspiritualbacon: - CLAYTON

Additional contestants (brackets to be adjusted).
17. :iconlittle-yuyu: - BOWTIE GUY
UPDATE#2: Here's a brief explanation of what makes T6 different from previous tournaments:

UPDATE#1: If more people don't join, we'll just go one with 16 members. The tournament will still work out with 16 people, just with one less round. I personally wouldn't mind a smaller tournament this time. What do you guys think?
I'm still putting together the new rules and setup for the next tournament and am currently accepting entrants. I wanted to know how many people wanted to join before I sent out invitations to former members because I think it's only fair that current WIFL members should be allowed first entries.

This tournament is going to be limited to 32 players. There are still plenty of slots available so if you want to enter, let me know in the comments. You can also extend invitations to your own friends if you like, if they've never entered one before. I will post new INTRO information and RULES information soon. This one's going to be slightly different from previous incarnations of the tournament.

Here is a list of the current entrants:
1. smithandcompanytoons
2. Danlei
3. hankinstein
4. BluebottleFlyer
5. SSBFreak
6. gus-val
7. punx193
8. Tinyhammer
9. OminousMoonBlast
10. austoon
11. ReverseImaku (maybe)
12. A7ac4ma
13. Flashlight237
14. ndbag
15. GeoffryHawk

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