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Asking ahead of time, so that I can work on the backstory

I am going to download Skyrim off of Steam, and I was wondering, what race should I play? Once I get onto my own PC again, I'll be recording a modded playthrough of Skyrim Special Edition, but as for before that happens, I can just enjoy a thoroughly modded game.

I need people to tell me what race I should play (If you've never played skyrim, I'll have what each race is below) and what the character should look like, not to mention what their combat style is.

I need two options, I'd like people to specify "Adventure Mode" for the one I won't be recording, and "Playthrough" for the one I will. 

Argonian- Lizards, come from Black Marsh, usually a greenish or brown color, starts with a power called histskin, which allows you to regenerate health 10 times faster for 60 seconds. They have 50% versus diseases, and Waterbreathing.

Altmer- Commonly known as High Elves, they prefer using Magic, and will always have higher ranks in Illusion, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration. Altmer come from Summerset Isles, and start with a power called Highborn, which restores 25% of the players maximum magicka per second for 60 seconds. They get +50 magicka starting out.

Bretons- These almost Nordic like folk who reside in High Rock. The power they gain at the beginning of the game is called Dragonhide, which absorb 50% of magicka from all incoming spells for 60 seconds.

Nords- Natives to Skyrim, and by far the most loved race in their land, (Obviously). Nords are resistant to 50% resistant to frost, which given where they live, should be obvious. They start off with a power called "Battle Cry" which makes nearby enemies frightened for 30 seconds.

Dunmer- Also known as Dark Elves (Or as others know, drow, for those who play Pathfinder), these feisty elves start off with a power called "Ancestors Wrath" and reside in Morrowind. Ancestors Wrath surrounds the elf in fire for 60 seconds. They are 50% resistant to fire.

Imperials- Coming from Cyrodiil, Imperials hold the highest name, and are lucky, being able to find more gold than most other races. Imperials start with a power called "Voice of the Emperor" which calms people for 30 seconds. They are heavily allied with the Thalmor, and are the center of Tamriel's Golden Age. 

Bosmer- Also known as Wood Elves, residing in Valenwood, they're normally calm, and are pretty well mannered, the ones that aren't slave owners of course. Wood Elves start off with a power called "Command Animal". They could calm any animal, even ones that are attacking, and wouldn't have to fight, and might even gain a pet. They are 50% resistant to both Poison and Disease. 

Orsimer- Commonly known around Tamriel as Orcs, they normally reside in Orsnium. They have no special racial effects, and have a power called "Berserker Rage" which makes the player take half damage and do double physical damage for 60 seconds.

Khajiit- The cats of Tamriel, they come from the deserts of Elsweyr, and are known for their production of Skooma. Khajiits automatically get 15 damage done with their claws, which is pretty good for unarmed damage, which is normally 5. Khajiits also have Night Vision, which, obviously, gives them 60 seconds of better vision at night. They also get a bonus to their sneak.

Redguards- Redguards come from Hammerfell, another desert-like area. Redguards have an ability called "Adrenaline Rush" which regenerates stamina 10 times faster for 60 seconds. They are 50% resistant to poison. 

Also, if you want me to join specific factions, let me know.

Barbarian: Light armor, but heavy weapons, smithing, some spells
Mage: All spells, little to no armor, and no weapons
Ranger: Bows and Daggers, light armor, sneaking
Archer: Bows, archery, light armor, sneak
Warrior: Heavy armor, one handed, shield, two handed, bows
Knight: Heavy Armor, Light Armor, one handed, shield, bow
I'm so ticked off

As you all can probably tell by the Pride thing on my profile, I'm in the LGBTQ+ Community, and my school recently started up a "Gay Club" or "Spectrum" However, the girl who runs it is straight, she identifies as a female and isn't bi, as I said. Well she said "I'm gay." To most gay people, myself included, that's VERY disrespectful and insulting. I even have straight friends that say it is too! What the hell is wrong with her?! I want to make my own LGBT club, but the school won't let me, because "There's only room for one." All of the people who joined that club aren't actually gay!
Sense I can't do polls, as I don't have core. 

Do you guys think I should move DA accounts and work on my art before posting it? Because I think I should.

I really want to work on original, not base, and I can't figure out how to draw the damn FUCKING BODIES

It's stressing me out and I need to practice more. 

But it's your guys' decision. 
So, question. In the MLP finale of season 8, why didn't the artifacts that Cozy was using to steal the magic NOT losing their magic too. I mean, their magical artifacts, so wouldn't they too stop working?
could I make custom OC'S for someone if they're willing to make me color palettes for a whole bunch of ponies? ;-;
so. who wants to help me with a MLP storyline for a next gen? i might be willing to share the universe.

I was blocked.... What? I thought we'd made up?
I want to make a next gen story, give me ideas please…

Send money to my school for our Costa Rica trip! We need over 60,000 dollars! Read the mission below! 
I am making my goal 600 more points. I have 50 of that right now. All characters are for sale unless I say otherwise. For example, Zarah's newest next gen is NOT for sale

Almost everything else is

Springverse isn't either. I've sold two characters from it, I'm not selling anymore
Once I get what each person who got 3rd, 2nd or 1st place wants as their prizes, I will need their discord, because I will be sending it on there, unless you are the first place winner, no more than 6 ponies per person
I need points, so literally anything in my gallery is for sale, just ask how much I want for it, unless I say specifically that I'm keeping the charas
I need ships for ponies, fire away please, I'd prefer one for Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and one other

I need one of those to be discord
So, i legit just got on here, and I'd commented why I shipped TwiDence on a person's rant about "not shipping family" Twi and Cadence are only related by marriage. If Shining and Cadence never got together in the first place, then it's not weird.

Also, I uncovered something which I will post a journal about tomorrow
who does anime art? Could I get a few pieces for my own anime series?
Who said "I dislike the LGBTQ+" community on my poll? Unwatch me.



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